International cooperation

Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

International cooperation

Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (FAFB) strongly encourages scientists across the world to combine their talents to exploit new and emerging research opportunities that address social, environmental and economic challenges. These include the growing demand for safer, healthier, and higher-quality food, threats to the sustainability and security of agricultural, aquaculture and fisheries production, and the sustainable production and use of renewable bio-resources. FAFB also encourages international research of specific interest for emerging economies and developing countries, in recognition of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Specific actions such as the EC - US Taskforce on Biotechnology Research (when clicking on it the text on the last page appears) are undertaken in FAFB to foster cooperation with priority partner regions and countries, particularly those involved in bi-regional dialogues and bilateral Science and Technology Agreements. Multilateral cooperation, such as the International KBBE Forum – a unique multi-partner cooperation initiative (click on it to get text – see at the end of this doc.) addresses the challenges requiring broad international efforts.

Contact for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand:

Gintare Kemekliene

Contact for Russia and India and other countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America:

Dietlind Jering


Antonio Di Giulio