Cooperation with other EU institutions and services

Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Cooperation with other EU institutions and services

Linking knowledge, education and innovation – the elements of the knowledge triangle – is an important driver for DG Research in its cooperation with other EU institutions and agencies to build the European bio-economy. Research and development activities are often the starting point for innovation, but do not lead to success on the world markets on their own. The right people with the right knowledge are needed to scale up production, to build supply chains and to win markets. And as well as the right people, success also needs the right finance at the right time – grants can get innovative ideas off the ground, but more capital is needed to get them to market, in the form of venture capital or bank loans or a combination of these depending on the particular circumstances.

To ensure a seamless suite of services that entrepreneurs and innovators can access at EU level, DG Research cooperates and coordinates with other Directorate Generals in the Commission and also with EU agencies. The most important of these are the European Investment Bank, DG Enterprise, DG Education and Culture, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Cooperation with these actors results in programmes and instruments that support creativity and innovation in the bio-economy.

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