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Innovative Energy Solutions for European Regions and Cities

24 March 2017, European Committee of the Regions - Room: JDE 52

This conference will launch the KEP 2017 theme of Energy, with more events to follow later.

High-level speakers will come together with the latest on energy-related research and innovation, ranging from policy specialists of the European Commission to hands-on best practice from Europe's regions.


The Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) is a concept jointly developed by the European Committee of the Regions and DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. It is aimed at presenting new R&I solutions, innovative products and best practices in response to societal challenges facing the regions and cities of Europe. In 2016, the KEP addressed the themes of Bioeconomy and Key Enabling Technologies.  

EUBCE 2017 – 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, 12-15 June 2017

12-15 June 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will celebrate its 25th edition in Stockholm from 12th to 15th June 2017.

Participate in one of the world’s leading R&D biomass conference and present your results to specialists and decision makers operating at the top end of the biomass and bioenergy sector.

Call for Papers Deadline: 31st October 2016

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Vitamin D Nutrition & Health Current and Future Perspectives

5-6 September 2017, Cork, Ireland

This international conference on vitamin D will be an important forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of ideas on current research in the area of vitamin D.  The conference coincides with the closing stages of the ODIN R&I project and the main scientific findings from the project will be presented together with several invited international keynote speakers on topics related to vitamin D and health.

This conference will be of interest to many, with health professionals, food industry decision makers, food/nutrition policy regulators, as well as academics, researchers and students expected to attend.

The main symposia will focus on:

  • Dietary Requirements for Vitamin D
  • Evidence-base for food strategies for tackling inadequacies of vitamin D intake and status
  • Issues in relation to Vitamin D and Health in Adults, as well as at Key Life Stages
  • Safety and population surveillance

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Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology

11-13 September 2017, Valencia, Spain

Magnus Group is pleased to invite you to participate in the Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology during September 11-13, 2017 at Valencia, Spain

The Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology Conference, will present cutting-edge research with a wide range of topics in plant biology on how plants sense, process, integrate and store information related to environmental challenges.

It is a Global platform that brings together a range of disciplines, will foster the exchange of ideas and enable participants to learn of the latest developments and ideas in diverse areas of plant biology.

The conference plays a key role in enabling students and postdocs (the next generation of research leaders) to mingle with pioneers in multiple areas of plant science. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with more than 500 of your peers and celebrate your profession.

You'll leave better educated and more invigorated than you thought possible. We wish to see you in 'Spain' and a promising place to discover novel things in the field of science and technology.

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Events earlier this year

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CommBeBiz: Bioeconomy Impact 2017 - The Journey to Innovation

21-22 February 2017, London, United Kingdom

CommBeBiz's annual event, funded by the EU, is designed to challenge, support and inform researchers on their quest to innovate in the commercial, social and policy arenas.

Researchers receiving EU public funding have to demonstrate the value they have added to society and commerce from the investment made in them.

Through keynote speakers and workshops, this event will enhance key skills (e.g. RRI, social media, IPR, PR, funding) needed to drive the innovation process, & provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into innovation success stories and stumbling blocks, in bringing Bioeconomy Research to life.

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I.FAMILY - project final Conference

9 February 2017, Brussels, Belgium

This free one-day conference – which will be opened by MEP and vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Daciana Sârbu – will provide insights around children’s and families’ food, health and lifestyle choices, supporting innovative practice and evidence-based policies, designed to tackle obesity and other nutrition related issues.

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I. Family Study Final Conference

9 February 2017, Brussels, Belgium

This one day conference will share important findings from ten years of research with the world’s largest cohort of children across eight European countries.

The focus will be on informing policy and practice at all levels. The conference will take place at the International Press Centre in Brussels on Thursday 9th February, and will include sessions on:

- community interventions to prevent obesity in children

- local environments and physical activity

- dietary patterns that support health

- family environments and their effects on children’s choices

- the importance of sleep •the role of friendship in adolescence, and

- promoting health in vulnerable children and families.

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OPTIFEL - Final Conference of the R&I project

1 February 2017, Paris, France

The meeting will asset the results of the project and will explain to what extent they are transferable to food industry, meals-on-wheels, catering services and health professionals.

This final event embodies the end of an original concept, which was melting taste, pleasure and nutritional profile in the perspective to create food products giving back to older people the pleasure to eat.

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