Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

This area addresses beneficial and harmful dietary factors as well as the specific needs of different population groups as a major factor in the development and reduction of diet-related diseases and disorders.

This involves new dietary strategies, the development and application of nutri-genomics and systems biology, and the study of interactions between nutrition, physiological and psychological functions. It could lead to the reformulation of processed foods and the development of novel foods and ingredients and dietetic foods. Analysis of traditional, local, and seasonal foods and diets are also important to highlight the impact of certain foods and diets on health.

Food research also interacts with other research areas, such as health. Co-ordination takes place in the field of nutrition and prevention of diet-related diseases, in particular diabetes and obesity.

Future trends:

  • Respond to health-related societal challenges through research
  • Develop evidence-based actions for policy support
  • Better understand and define the concept and impact of ‘well-being’ on health
  • Complementarity with the Joint Programming Initiative ‘A healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’