Knowledge Based Bio-Economy


This area addresses beneficial and harmful dietary factors as well as the specific needs of different population groups as a major factor in the development and reduction of diet-related diseases and disorders.

This involves new dietary strategies, the development and application of nutri-genomics and systems biology, and the study of interactions between nutrition, physiological and psychological functions. It could lead to the reformulation of processed foods and the development of novel foods and ingredients and dietetic foods. Analysis of traditional, local, and seasonal foods and diets are also important to highlight the impact of certain foods and diets on health.

  • ATHENA - AnThocyanin and polyphenol bioactives for health enhancement through nutritional advancement (Nutrition)
  • BaSeFood - Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the Black Sea area traditional foods (Nutrition)
  • BIOCLAIMS - Biomarkers of robustness of metabolic homeostasis for nutrigenomics-derived health claims made on food (Nutrition)
  • EarlyNutrition - Long-term effects of early nutrition on later health (Nutrition)
  • EFRAIM - Mechanisms of early protective exposures on allergy development (Nutrition)
  • ETHERPATHS - Characterization and modelling of dietary effects mediated by gut microbiota on lipid metabolism (Nutrition)
  • FibeBiotics - Dietary Fibres supporting Gut and Immune Function - From polysaccharide compound to health claim (Nutrition)
  • FLAVIOLA - Targeted delivery of dietary flavanols for optimal human cell function: Effect on cardiovascular health (Nutrition)
  • Full4Health - Understanding food-gut-brain mechanisms across the lifespan in the regulation of hunger and satiety for health (Nutrition)
  • FUNCFOOD - Impact of agents with potential use in functional foods on biomarkers for induction of age related diseases (Nutrition)
  • INSTAPA - Improved crops protect African children from malnutrition (Nutrition)
  • LipiDiDiet - Therapeutic & Preventive Impact of Nutritional Lipids on Neuronal and Cognitive Performance in Ageing, Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia (Nutrition)
  • NeuroFAST - The integrated neurobiology of food intake, addiction and stress (Nutrition)
  • NU-AGE - New dietary strategies addressing the specific needs of elderly population for a healthy ageing in Europe (Nutrition)
  • NUTRIMENTHE - Effect of diet on the mental performance of children (Nutrition)
  • NutriTech - Application of new technologies and methods in nutrition research – The example of phenotypic flexibility (Nutrition)
  • SMILING - Sustainable micronutrient interventions to control deficiencies and improve nutritional status and general health in Asia (Nutrition)
  • SUNRAY - Sustainable Nutrition Research for Africa in the Years to come (Nutrition)
  • TORNADO - Molecular targets open for regulation by the gut flora new avenues for improved diet to optimize European health (Nutrition)