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Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Food Quality and Safety

Assuring chemical and microbiological safety and improving quality in the European food supply chain is of primary importance.

Research in this field includes understanding the links between microbial ecology and food safety; developing methods and models addressing the integrity of the food supply chains; and new detection methods, traceability, technologies and tools for risk assessment, including emerging risks, management and communication, as well as enhancing the understanding of risk perception.

  • ACROPOLIS - Aggregate and cumulative risk of pesticides: An on-line integrated strategy (Food Quality and Safety)
  • BASELINE - Selection and improving of fit-for-purpose sampling procedures for specific foods and risks (FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  • BIOHYPO - Confronting the clinical relevance of biocide induced antibiotic resistance (FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  • CONffiDENCE - Contaminants in food and feed: inexpensive detection for control of exposure (FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  • ECNIS2 - ECNIS2: towards ECNIS Centre for Research and Education on Cancer, Environment and Food (Activity 4 – Other activities)
  • EuroFIR-Nexus - The EuroFIR Food Platform: Further integration, refinement and exploitation for its long-term self-sustainability (Activity 4 – Other activities)
  • FACET - Flavours, additives and food contact material exposure task (Food Quality and Safety)
  • NanoLyse - Nanoparticles in Food: Analytical methods for detection and characterisation (Food Quality and Safety)
  • PERFOOD - PERfluorinated organics in Our Diet (FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  • PlantLIBRA - PLANT food supplements: Levels of Intake, Benefit and Risk Assessment (Food Quality and Safety)
  • PRIORITY - Protecting the food chain from prions: shaping European priorities through basic and applied research (FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY)
  • PROMETHEUS - Process contaminants: Mitigation and elimination techniques for high food quality and their evaluation using sensors and simulation (Food Quality and Safety)
  • PROMISE - Protection of consumers by microbial risk mitigation through combating segregation of expertise (Food Quality and Safety)
  • QSAFFE - Quality and safety of feeds and food for Europe (Food Quality and Safety)
  • QUAFETY - Comprehensive approach to enhance quality and safety of ready to eat fresh products (Food Quality and Safety)
  • SOPHY - Development of a software tool for prediction of ready-to-eat food product shelf life, quality and safety (Food Quality and Safety)
  • STARTEC - Support tools to ensure safe, tasty and nutritious advanced ready-to-eat foods for healthy and vulnerable consumers (Food Quality and Safety)
  • SYMBIOSIS-EU - Scientific synergism of nano-bio-info-cogni science for an integrated system to monitor meat quality and safety during production, storage, and distribution in EU (Food Quality and Safety)
  • VITAL - Integrated monitoring and control of foodborne viruses in European food supply chains (Food Quality and Safety)