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Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Food Processing

This area addresses innovation in the European food industry through the integration of advanced technologies into traditional food production.

It includes fermented food and tailored process technologies to enhance the functionality, quality and nutritional value of food, including organoleptic aspects in food production.

  • AFTER - African Food Tradition Revisited by Research (Food processing)
  • AFTER - African Food Tradition Revisited by Research (Food processing)
  • BIAMFOOD - Controlling biogenic amines in traditional food fermentations in regional Europe (Food processing)
  • CAFÉ - Computer-aided food processes for control engineering (Food Processing)
  • CHANCE - Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty (Food processing)
  • COLORSPORE - New Sources of Natural, Gastric Stable, Food Additives, Colourants and Novel Functional Foods (Food Processing)
  • DREAM - Design and development of realistic food models with well-characterised micro- and macro-structure and composition (FOOD PROCESSING)
  • EcoBioCAP - Ecoefficient Biodegradable Composite Advanced Packaging (Food processing)
  • Food4Me - Personalised nutrition: An integrated analysis of opportunities and challenges (Food processing)
  • FoodManufuture - Manufacturing and management infrastructure for the food industry (Food processing)
  • FRISBEE - Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, consumer Benefit, Environmental impact and Energy optimization along cold chain in Europe (Food processing)
  • HIGHTECH EUROPE - Integrating technical development in the food industries (Food Processing)
  • InsideFood - Integrated sensing and imaging devices for designing (Food processing)
  • ISA-Pack - A flexible sustainable active and intelligent packaging technology platform enabling enhanced shelf life, quality and safety of fresh food produce (Food processing)
  • NAFISPACK - New packing preserves perishable foods (Food Processing)
  • NANODETECT - Development of nanosensors for the detection of quality parameters along the food chain (Food Processing)
  • PLeASURe - Novel processing approaches for the development of food products low in fat, salt and sugar (Food processing)
  • PRESERF - Processing Raw materials into Excellent and Sustainable End products while Remaining Fresh (Food processing)
  • SATIN - Satiety innovation (Food processing)
  • SO2SAY - Replacement of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in food keeping the same quality and shelf-life of the products (Food processing)
  • SUCCIPACK - Development of active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging using polybutylenesuccinate (Food processing)
  • SUSCLEAN - Sustainable cleaning and disinfection in fresh-cut food industries (Food processing)
  • TeRiFiQ - Combining technologies to achieve significant binary reductions in sodium, fat and sugar content in everyday foods whilst optimising their nutritional quality (Food processing)