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Ecoefficient Biodegradable Composite Advanced Packaging (Food processing)

Project acronym: EcoBioCAP

Title of project: Ecoefficient Biodegradable Composite Advanced Packaging

Research area: Food Processing

Contract No: 265669

EU contribution: €2 999 780

Start date: March 2011

Duration: 48 months

Status: on-going

One of the main objectives of the EcoBioCAP project is to improve European food and packaging industry competitiveness by reducing losses in perishable products – and at the same time contributing to sustainable growth by developing eco-friendly packaging adapted to individual product requirements.

EcoBioCAP will provide the EU food industry with customisable, ecoefficient, biodegradable packaging solutions with direct benefits both for the environment and EU consumers in terms of food quality and safety. This next-generation packaging will be developed using advanced composite structures based on constituents (bio-polyesters, fibres, proteins, poly-phenolic compounds, bio-adhesives and high performance bio-additives) derived only from food (oil, dairy, cereal and beer) industry by-products. Innovative processing strategies will be applied that enable customisation of packaging properties to fit the functional, cost, safety and environmental impact requirements of targeted fresh perishable foods (fruit and vegetable, cheese and ready to eat meal).

Demonstration activities with SMEs and industrial partners will enable optimisation of the EcoBioCAP technology in terms stability, safety, environmental impact and cost-effectiveness before full exploitation.

The development of a decision support system for use by the whole packaging chain will make sure the EcoBioCAP technology is accessible to all stakeholders. Extensive outreach activities will not only disseminate the project results to the scientific community, but also ensure that consumers and end-users are informed of the usage conditions and benefits of such bio-degradable packaging – and how it should be disposed of.

Website of project:

Coordinator: Nathalie Gontard,

Organisation: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, France,