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Media actions for international training of researchers (Consumers)

Project acronym: MAITRE

Title of project: Media actions for international training of researchers

Research area: Consumers

Contract No: 265873

EU contribution: € 908 251

Start date: April 2011

Duration: 36 months

Status: on-going

The main objective of MAITRE is to raise the profile of food and nutrition research in Europe, and educate citizens to be more familiar with the current innovations and discoveries in food research. These include its contribution to improving health and well-being, consumer habits and nutrition, food processing and management, high quality and safety standards and sustainable food production.

The key element for researchers is to learn how to pass their messages on to citizens through the media. This requires a transfer of knowledge and experience from journalists to researchers that will enable the scientific community to better communicate their findings and technical information to the general public.

With this objective in mind, MAITRE is organising a series of training sessions held by journalists and media experts and aimed at a target audience of roughly 600 researchers from different organisations involved in food research. These training sessions cover a wide array of EU countries.

The hands-on events address the important points researchers should be aware of when interacting with the media, thus helping them to communicate their research better.

By appreciably improving the ability of researchers to explain the scope and results of their activities to a wider public, MAITRE is helping bring science closer to EU citizens. It is also giving them a better understanding of why the integration of European research resources is of benefit for European society.

Website of project:

Coordinator: Hinano Spreafico,

Organisation: Minerva Consulting & Communication, Belgium,