Knowledge Based Bio-Economy


The focus is on consumer perceptions and attitudes towards food, including traditional food; understanding societal and cultural trends; and identifying determinants of food choice and consumer access to food.

Research includes the development of databases on food and nutrition research.

  • CONNECT4ACTION - Strategies for improving communication between social and consumer scientists, food technology developers and consumers (Consumers)
  • EATWELL - Interventions to promote healthy eating habits: Evaluation and recommendations (Consumers)
  • FLABEL - Consumers benefit from better nutritional labelling (Consumers)
  • FOCUS-BALKANS - Food consumer science in the Balkans: Frameworks, protocols and networks for a better knowledge of food behaviours (Consumers)
  • FoodRisC - Food Risk Communication. Perceptions and communication of food risks/benefits across Europe: development of effective communication strategies (Consumers)
  • HabEat - Determining factors and critical periods in food habit formation and breaking in early childhood: a multidisciplinary approach (Consumers)
  • I.Family - Determinants of eating behaviour in European children, adolescents and their parents (Consumers)
  • MAITRE - Media actions for international training of researchers (Consumers)
  • ToyBox - Multifactorial evidence based approach using behavioural models in understanding and promoting fun, healthy food, play and policy for the prevention of obesity in early childhood (Consumers)