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New in the e-library: "FOOD and HEALTH research in Europe"

Current practices and experiences in the area of FOOD and HEALTH Research in Europe (2008-2011)

Research in food and health has, until now, been characterised by fragmented national/regional programmes (technology, health, nutrition, food safety, etc.). This approach has limitations. Cross-border public research activities at Member State and regional level can, on the other hand, tackle current challenges in the food and health area whilst also ensuring the competitiveness of the European food and drink industry. Various actors have sought to overcome the fragmentation and to develop joint activities. The Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” (HDHL) is a broad based and Member State-driven initiative; it will attempt – for the first time – to coordinate research in the field at European level. For this report, experts have focused on research for prevention and not on medical research for therapies and treatments. The report does not include any assessment of research carried out under programmes financed at European Union level.