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Second Conference: JPI - ‘Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’

On 28 March, the second conference of the ‘Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’ Joint Programming Initiative (JPI HDHL) will be held in Brussels. Participants will include many stakeholders from the health and nutrition sector, including politicians, policy-makers, scientists, industry and non-governmental organisations. As well as an update on the progress of the JPI (since the first conference in 2012), the meeting will also see the launch of the next phase of Joint Programming – the Implementation Plan. And there will be many networking opportunities to help boost collective efforts that deliver results and offer solutions for this grand societal challenge.

The JPI HDHL was launched in 2010 with the participation of more than 20 European Member States and Associated Countries. It coordinates research on the impact of diet and lifestyles on health. It also makes a significant contribution to building an operational European Research Area for the prevention of diet-related diseases and to strengthening the leadership and competitiveness of research activities in this field.

The JPI HDHL conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels. For information about the event and for registration, see the conference website, and for background on the JPI, see the HDHL website.