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OBELIX Final Stakeholder Meeting

The FP7 OBELIX project is organising its Final Stakeholder Meeting on 23 October 2013, in Brussels. This final workshop will be a unique opportunity for internationally recognised speakers as well as all attendees to discuss topics such as perinatal EDC exposure assessment in European birth cohorts, dietary exposure to EDCs, childhood growth and metabolic e¬ffects, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms.

OBELIX is an abbreviation for “OBesogenic Endocrine disrupting chemicals: LInking prenatal eXposure to the development of obesity later in life.” This European Commission-funded project has been running from May 2009 and will end in November 2013.

The OBELIX project investigates if prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds in food plays a role in the development of obesity and related disorders later in life. To achieve this, OBELIX uses a multidisciplinary approach that combines epidemiology, neonatology, endocrinology, toxicology, analytical chemistry and risk assessment.

For more information, refer to the flyer pdf - 267 KB [267 KB] , consult the programme pdf - 41 KB [41 KB] and register for the conference on the website.