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Global Mycotoxin Reduction: MycoRed International Conference

2012 outbreaks of certain mycotoxins in wheat and grapes emphasised again the urgency of removing them from food and feed chains.

Since the launch of the MycoRed project in 2009, the partners have made significant progress in understanding how to reduce mycotoxins in food and the feed chain. This international conference will be an opportunity to share these findings with the ‘mycotoxicologists family’ – those scientists from a wide range of disciplines that have become linked through long-term involvement in international projects and initiatives.

Mycotoxins are produced by certain moulds, or toxigenic fungi. Eating contaminated food can cause liver cancer, kidney damage, gastrointestinal illnesses, reproductive disorders and a weakened immune system.

Presentations and discussions will address human and animal health as well as the implications of mycotoxin reduction for agriculture and trade (specifically cereals, grapes and dried fruits). Key topics will include methods of analysis and sampling, toxicity, chemistry, biochemistry, biocontrol, prevention, risk assessment, occurrence in foods and feeds).

The conference is an opportunity to gain an overview of research and likely future developments in mycotoxin research, and to find out more about the MycoRed project, which set out to develop practical tools for reducing toxin contamination of food and feed of particular economic importance.

The event is being organised by the Institute of Sciences of Food Production of Italy’s National Research Council ISPA – the MycoRed coordinator – together with the International Society for Mycotoxicology. It follows a series of international events in Austria, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina and Canada.

Date: 27-31 May

Location: Park Hotel San Michele, Martina Franca, Italy

To register and see the full programme, visit the conference website