Draft programme for JAKFISH symposium 8-9 March 2011 available

Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Draft programme for JAKFISH symposium 8-9 March 2011 available

If you want to participate in the symposium, please register by sending an email to Marja Bruisschaart (marja.bruisschaart@wur.nl). Participation is free of charge.

Background information:

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) needs to find a better way to cope with the often cited ‘black box’ problem: opaqueness in the knowledge base for fisheries management. Do the scientific processes take into account the multi-objective nature of fisheries management, and what role should scientists and other stakeholders play in the formulation of policies?

Judgement And Knowledge in Fisheries Involving StakeHolders (JAKFISH) is an EU funded project that seeks an integrated approach to fisheries management by involving stakeholders in formulating research and policy questions, solving these issues and jointly contributing knowledge to implement the approach. Participatory modelling is a means of increasing transparency and broadening the knowledge base. As we are finalizing the project, we are looking for feedback on the participatory modelling approaches developed in the project.

The symposium will be informal in nature and consist of a series of talks and open discussions. The key objectives of the symposium will be the assessment of the usefulness of participatory modelling approaches and new institutional arrangements in fisheries management.

The target audience for the symposium consists of stakeholders from fishing industries, policy makers, NGOs and scientists. JAKFISH symposium: participatory modelling in fisheries management

From 8 March 2011 at 8h30 until 9 March at 16h00

Venue: Hotel Scandic Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Click here for the draft programme of the symposium.

More details on the SURFgroepen/JAKFISH website