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Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Partnering for the Bioeconomy in European Regions

The 12 October conference "Partnering for a Bioeconomy in European Regions" gathered more than a hundred participants for a one day debate on the role of the European Regions in the implementation of the bioeconomy.

Public and private financing opportunities for projects and businesses and concrete examples from regional stakeholders and local partnering initiatives showed the investment possibilities that exist already today in the bioeconomy research and innovation area, highlighting its potential to create jobs and growth at local level.

The conference opened with the results of the Draft Opinion pdf - 197 KB [197 KB] drafted by the Committee of the Regions on the Commission's strategy "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe pdf - 42 KB [42 KB] български (bg) čeština (cs) dansk (da) Deutsch (de) eesti keel (et) ελληνικά (el) español (es) français (fr) italiano (it) latviešu valoda (lv) lietuvių kalba (lt) magyar (hu) Malti (mt) Nederlands (nl) polski (pl) português (pt) română (ro) slovenčina (sk) slovenščina (sl) suomi (fi) svenska (sv) ". Through this document, the Committee of the Regions recommends and supports the Commission's view that the bioeconomy is a key element for growth, economic development and job creation in Europe. The Draft Opinion further welcomes the fact that the bioeconomy is listed together with food security and sustainable agriculture as a societal challenge in the coming EU research funding programme Horizon 2020.

The conference also hosted the announcement of the newly created "Green Growth and Jobs through Bioeconomy" category of the 2014 edition of the Regiostars Award. Organised by the European Commission since 2008, these prestigious awards distinguish good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

The concept of smart specialisation was another important point in the agenda. This is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support also to Research and Innovation and it will be the basis for Structural Fund investments in this area as part of the future Cohesion Policy's contribution to the Europe 2020 jobs and growth agenda. Smart specialisation involves a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region. The European Commission launched last year a Smart Specialisation Platform to provide professional advice to EU Member States and regions.

Partnering for the Bioeconomy in European Regions was co-organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation and the Committee of the Regions, back-to-back with the Committee of the Regions Open Days.

Check the final report pdf - 299 KB [299 KB] , the photos and the programme pdf - 629 KB [629 KB] of the conference.