Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

The At-Sea project: Fuel from Fjords

In an online video report and article, the BBC reports on the EU FP7 project At-Sea and the progress it is making to produce an economically sustainable seaweed-based biofuel.

The At-Sea project is led by Sioen Industries from Belgium and funded under the Nanotechnologies-Materials-Production work programme.

The consortium is experimenting with various advanced textiles as the supporting substrate for the large-scale cultivation of seaweed, such as kelp. They intend to demonstrate its viability as an economic raw material for bio-energy production.

As the video explains, after its first year of operation, the consortium is now harvesting the first crops – from trials in the seas off Scotland, Norway and Ireland. The first results suggest the project is shaping up as a great success, with strong seaweed attachment and growth. Optimised and larger scale substrates are now planned for the 2013 growing season.

The At-Sea website

The BBC video about At-Sea