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  • CATALOGUE – Activity 2.1 - Sustainable production, 132 pages – 2009
  • Food safety and food quality in Europe – Sixth Framework Programme - Project synopses from the first and second call – Fiches
    ISBN nr: 92-79-02693-3
    Nr of pages: A4
    Published: 2007
  • New Vision on European Food and Agricultural ResearchSustainable Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Research results 1998-2006. Fifth Framework Programme. Key Action 5
    (PDF 6.2 MB)
    Eur nr: 22361
    ISBN nr: 92-79-02243-1
    Nr of pages: A4 / 630 pp.
    Published: 2006
  • FAIR Programme "Food research projects"
    Eur nr: 18306
    Nr of pages: 500pp.
  • FAIR Programme "Sustainable agriculture forestry and rural development"
    Eur nr: 19397
  • FAIR - Marie Curie Training Grants
    Eur nr: 19403
  • Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies - The European Initiative
    EUR 19369
  • FAIR Programme/JOULE/THERMIE "Biomass and Bioenergy"
    EUR 18303
    Nr of pages: 324pp.
  • FAIR Programme "Renewable Biomaterials"
    EUR 17617
    Nr of pages: 250pp.
  • FAIR Programme "The forestry wood chain"
    EUR 18305
    Nr of pages: 205pp.
  • AIR Agriculture and agro-industry, including fisheries programme
    EUR 16552
    Nr of pages: 590pp.
  • AIR - Food project results
    EUR 19070
  • Air-Food projects synopses
    EUR 16257
    Nr of pages: 337pp.
  • AIR-Non Food Projects
    EUR 16206
    Nr of pages: 449pp.
  • AIR-Non Food Projects
    EUR 16206
    Nr of pages: 449pp.
  • FLAIR Food linked agro-industrial research
    EUR 17777
    Nr of pages: 173pp.
  • ECLAIR Agro-Industrial Research
    Final results

    EUR 16952
    Nr of pages: 136pp.
  • ECLAIR/FLAIR Research Training Grants
    EUR 17604
    Nr of pages: 265pp.
  • Agricultural Research in the European Research Area
    EUR 19440
  • Study of nutritional factors in food allergies and food intolerance
    EUR 16893
    Nr of pages: 196pp.
  • Food, Safety, Diet and Health: An overview of research across Europe : Co-ordination of RTD policies
    EUR 18493
    Nr of pages: 246pp.
  • Methodology for the exploitation of HBS food data and results on food availability in six European countries
    EUR 18357
    Nr of pages: 162pp.
  • A study on the possibilities to lower the content of methyl-alcohol in eau-de-vie from fruit
    EUR 16864
    Nr of pages: 139pp.
  • Mycotoxins in human nutrition and health
    EUR 16048
    Nr of pages: 300pp.
  • Crops for industry and energy in Europe
    ISBN: 92-827-9415-5
    EUR 17468
    Published: 1997
    Nr of pages: 72pp.
  • Ways to improve the quality of domestically produced proteins for use in the animal feed industry
    EUR 16102
    Nr of pages: 227pp.
  • Production of thermo-bioplastics and fibres based mainly on biological materials
    EUR 16517
    Nr of pages: 392pp.
  • Soil fertility and cultivation of energy crops
    EUR 17617
    Nr of pages: 220pp.
  • Bioconversion assessment study
    EUR 16515
    Nr of pages: 195pp.
  • Integrated biomass system
    EUR 17541
    Nr of pages: 202pp.
  • Lignocellulosic energy crops in different agricultural scenarios
    EUR 16514
    Nr of pages: 91pp.
  • Industrial Fibre Crops
    EUR 16101
    Nr of pages: 249pp.
  • Biomass gasification in Europe
    EUR 18224
    Nr of pages: 243pp.
  • Biofuels. Application of biologically derived products as fuels or additives in combustion engines.
    EUR 15647.
    Published: 1994
  • Biomass for Fuel Fibre, Fertiliser and Feed. Agro-industrial Reports


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