Knowledge Based Bio-Economy


Project Acronym: FERTIPLUS

Title of project: FERTIPLUS

Project Call Identifier: FP7-KBBE-2011-5

Project Number: 289853

Project Officer (DG/Dir/Unit): RTD/E/04

Project Abstract:

"FERTIPLUS will identify organic urban and farm wastes that can be used to recycle nutrients into agriculture as organic or mineral fertilizer from production of biochar, compost or combinations and energy. Urban and farm residues are a large source of nutrients and today not used to its full potential. FERTIPLUS will assess and use this potential and contribute to sustainable crop production and soil productivity and quality across regions in Europe. It will demonstrate effective innovative processing and application of biochar and compost. The biochar should have qualities beneficial to soils such that amendment (1) increases the efficiency of compost, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, (2) reduces greenhouse gas emissions and (3) increases carbon sequestration in soils and (4) yield bioenergy. FERTIPLUS will assess scenarios on amount and quality of organic wastes available within EU in the near future to identify and map their potential for recycling nutrients in biochar or compost.

Production processes for compost and biochar are reviewed and new technologies will be designed to obtain high quality biochar with functionalities related to site-specific targets of sustainable soil management. Compost and biochar amendments will be compared in lab and field trials for agronomical and environmental impacts (crop production, disease suppression, soil C sequestration, prevention of GHG emissions and leaching losses) and biofuel and energy balance. Results are used to complete a Life Cycle Analysis and define the best application practices for an effective and safe use of the final products that reduce the footprint of European cities and agriculture in an economically feasible way. The consortium combines the expertise needed for these goals and involve 6 SMEs to guarantee rapid implementation of results and innovations. Focused dissemination and communication include a website and brochure and meetings on innovations targeted to stakeholders and extension services"

Contact Person: Peter Kuikman

Project Officer: Massimo BURIONI