Knowledge Based Bio-Economy

Copenhagen’ troika’ workshop to discuss competing demands for biomass: Can they be met? Are they sustainable?

On 6 June in Copenhagen, three FP7 bioeconomy project consortia will hold a workshop entitled ‘Can European Agriculture Feed Sustainably both the Energy and Bio-based Industries of the Future?’. The half-day event is being organised by FIBRA in association with OPTIMA and EuroBioRef, and will run in parallel to the 21st European Biomass Conference, also in Copenhagen.

The workshop speakers will first cover recent research on non-food crops, then a second session will move on to issues of sustainability, with presentations on marginal land in the EU, the relative environmental benefits and constraints on energy and biomaterials crops, and the best options where competition for biomass exists.

FIBRA is investigating fibre-based crops and their production chains, together with partners from China. OPTIMA research concerns high-yielding perennial grasses for the Mediterranean area and their production chains. EuroBioRef is investigating new bio-refinery designs and the entire process of transformation of biomass, from fields to final products.

The event will take place on 6 June 2013 at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. For more details, including registration, contact the FIBRA coordinator