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Plant Genetic Resources conference: a nursery for new ideas

Plant breeders, innovation experts and those with an interest in agricultural and rural development should mark their diaries for an upcoming conference on ‘Stimulating Innovation in Plant Genetic Resources’ organised by the European Technology Platform (ETP) ‘Plants for the Future’.

The conference will take place on 23 April in Brussels and will focus on the challenges and solutions facing the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability. The aim of the EIP is to bring academic research closer to the real needs of the farming industry. Among the speakers are Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to President Barroso, and Pascal Bergeret of the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Arnaud Petit, Vice-President of the ETP will open the conference. The four sessions will cover:

  • An introduction to the concept of the EIP and its place in the overall governance of agricultural research and innovation in Europe.
  • The importance of innovation in plant genetic resources and the main implementation bottlenecks faced by farmers.
  • Showcasing three projects where plant breeding companies are active across the full breeding chain, from characterisation of plant genetic material to marketing.
  • A debate on the types of solutions which increase farmers’ awareness of the benefits of plant genetic resources, and which improve researchers’ awareness of the specific needs of farmers.

Professor Anne Glover will wrap up the conference, talking on the societal interest in plant genetic resources.

The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability is a networking facility that links all parts of the agricultural supply chain. It aims to provide a working interface between agriculture, bio-economy, science and others at EU, national and regional level.

European Technology Platforms are industry-led stakeholder organisations that define research priorities in a broad range of technological areas.

Practical details

The Conference will take place on 23 April at 9.30-16.00 in the Thon Hotel EU, 75 rue de la Loi/Wetstraat, 1040 Brussels. Registration is free and open to all – see the conference website for details or complete the online form.