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Workshop: Chronic Diseases Research in the 7th Framework Programme
Combating Allergy and Asthma in Europe: Issues and Perspectives
Brussels 17th November 2008

This one-day workshop addressed the current state of the art research into disease with an atopic (allergic) component (including asthma, atopic dermatitis (AD), food allergy and allergic rhinitis (AR)) in the extended European Community, and sought to define the best directions for future research into th ese common and debilitating diseases. The individual presentations are summarised in the accompanying abstracts. This report serves as a summary of the key points.

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The "2nd European Workshop on Food Allergy Research"
Brussels, Belgium, 10-11th December 2007

The "2nd European Workshop on Food Allergy Research"
was organised by the Directorate E, Unit E3, Food, Health and Well Being. The conference gathered International, European and non European scientists as well as decision makers, representatives of international organisations and industry. The programme was focused on the global aspect of Food Allergy Research.
The main objectives were:
1) Current state-of-the-art of Food Allergy Research in Europe. What is the added value of food allergy research for the production of safe food products for allergic patient at European level?
2) International cooperation in the area of Food Allergy Research. What are the mutual interest and benefits driving the participation of worldwide researchers in European Projects? Why is international cooperation a fundamental part to enhance knowledge in the field of food allergy?
3) To increase communication and networking possibilities with all the stakeholders in the field of food allergy.

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2nd Workshop on Food Allergy in ERA-
European Research Area
Ana Nieto Nuez - (European Commission DG RTD)

Food allergy research in Europe (6Mb)
Clare Mills - (Institute of Food Research, UK)
Ebba Barany - (European Commission DG RTD)

Intestinal microflora in first year of life and allergy (5Mb)
Christine Edwards -
(Section Head Human Nutrition Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow)

Epidemiology of Food Allergy in European Adults (720Kb)
Peter Burney - (Imperial College London)

Allergenic potential (630Kb)
Montserrat Fernández Rivas - (Hospital Clínico San Carlos)

Clinical studies for allergen dose response (750Kb)
Barbara Ballmer-Weber - (University Hospital Zürich)

Allergens & diagnostic methods (650Kb)
Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber - (University of Vienna)

Overview INCO studies (5Mb)
Maria Yazdanbaksh - (Leiden University Medical Center)

Infections and Food Allergies in Africa (1.7Mb)
Daniel Boakye - (University of Ghana)

Food Allergies in Indonesia (560Kb)
Taniawati Supali - (University of Indonesia)

Epidemiology of Food Allergy in India -
Results from Europrevall
Mahesh Padukudru Anand -
(JSS Medical College, Mysore, India)

Food Allergy in Turkey (830Kb)
Isil Barlan - (Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Synergies in Food Allergy Research EU-USA (350Kb)
Stephen L Taylor - (University of Nebraska)

SMEs view on Food Allergy Research (380Kb)
Jacqueline Coutts - (General Manager of TEPNEL, UK)

Risk Assessment on Food Allergy (790Kb)
Pilar Rodriguez Iglesias - (EFSA)

Food-Induced Anaphylaxis:
Russian Roulette as the price of full social integration
Frans Timmermans -
(European Anaphylaxis Taskforce (EAT) & Nederlands Anafylaxis Netwerk (NAN))

Therapies for Food Allergy (1Mb)
Ronald van Ree - (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Impact of Food Allergy on quality of life (100Kb)
A.E.J. Dubois - (University Groningen, The Netherlands)

Allergen Labeling Regulation (450Kb)
Alexander Anton - (European Commission DG SANCO)

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