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International Partners


International Cooperation is and has been a fundamental pillar for research in all Framework Programmes. In the case of Allergy Research it has foster scientific progress, global education, economic progress and social harmonization. Collaborations between universites, research institutes and industry exchanging students are having excellent results for the studies funded by the EU. And we could not get the global variation on food allergy, asthma or allerguies in general without doing research together with many extraordinary and excellent research groups in the world.
The particular field of Food Allergy is specially suited to be studied on different diets, traditional or not, and on different unique environments we have an extraordinary opportunity to study the different theories on th etiology of allergies, including the hygiene Hypothesis, in situ. The hetereogeneity of these environments and populations will allow to gain new knowledge and to provide novel strategies to prevent and treat allergies in the future

List of International Partners in EU funded Food Allergy Projects

  • Russia (western Siberia)
  • India
  • China (Hong Kong)
  • Ghana
  • Gabon
  • Indonesia

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