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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0075   Genetic solutions to health and welfare problems in poultry caused by painful skeletal disorders
  FAIR-CT95-0114 The role of domestic livestock systems in rural development in disadvantaged areas
  FAIR-CT95-0235   The impact of forests and silvicultural practices upon the extreme flows of rivers
  FAIR-CT95-0396 Hemp for Europe - manufacturing and production systems
  FAIR-CT95-0481 Husbandry systems and sustainable social/environmental quality in less favoured areas
  FAIR-CT95-0707 Control of Classical Swine Fever by Molecular Diagnosis and Epidemiology
  FAIR-CT96-1309 European network to investigate environmental problems associated with the nitrogen fertilisation of field grown vegetable crops
  FAIR-CT96-1314 Minimising pesticide use and environmental impact by the development and promotion of bio-control strategies for oilseed rape pests
  FAIR-CT96-1373 Improvement of biological seed treatments against damping-off in crop production
  FAIR-CT96-1389 Socio-economic multiplier model for rural diversification through biomass energy deployment - biosem model
  FAIR-CT96-1406 A Concerted Action to construct generic databases of re-entry and bystander exposures to plant protection products, and develop predictive models
  FAIR-CT96-1447 Silviculture and biodiversity of scots pine forests in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1449 Evaluation of combined food and energy systems for more efficient land use and environmentally benign sustainable production
  FAIR-CT96-1485 Environmentally sensitive approaches to nematode parasite control in sustainable agricultural systems for sheep and goats
  FAIR-CT96-1502 New molecular approaches for improved vaccines to poultry diseases
  FAIR-CT96-1529 Pathogen-resistant grain legumes using gene transfer methods
  FAIR-CT96-1560 Efficiency in use of resources: optimisation in potato production
  FAIR-CT96-1586 Regional differences in livestock production systems: development of protocols and methodologies for policy evaluation and impact on rural development
  FAIR-CT96-1597   Increasing competitiveness of high quality European animal textile fibres by improving fibre quality
  FAIR-CT96-1768 Identifying and changing the qualities and composition of meat from different European sheep types which meets regional consumer expectations
  FAIR-CT96-1792 Improving protection and resistance of forests to the spruce aphid
  FAIR-CT96-1827 Regional images and the promotion of quality products and services in the slower developing regions of the European Union
  FAIR-CT96-1832 Low-input animal production based on forage legumes for silage
  FAIR-CT96-1972 Development of standardised molecular techniques for the identification of insect quarantine pests
  FAIR-CT96-2069 The assessment of genetic purity in hybrid varieties of crops
  FAIR-CT97-3355 Novel technologies for integrated control of slug damage in key horticultural crops
  FAIR-CT97-3373 Nutrition, health and the demand for food
  FAIR-CT97-3443 Development, validation and harmonisation of screening and confirmatory tests to distinguish zeranol abuse from fusarium toxin contamination in food animals
  FAIR-CT97-3444 Development of a sustainable strategy for the management of root-knot nematodes in vegetable crops in southern Europe - an alternative to the use of methylbromide
  FAIR-CT97-3615 Phytophthora disease of alder in Europe: potential for damage, opportunities for limitation of pathogen spread, and for management and control
  FAIR-CT97-3779 Recycling organic solids in agriculture
  FAIR-CT97-3819 European farms for effective clover technology
  FAIR-CT97-3940 Factors affecting hide and skin quality: development of strategies for improving the raw material of the leather industry
  FAIR-CT97-3968 Forage 2000 - improve nutrient utilisation in ruminant production systems: development of cooperation and integration of research strategies to evaluate the potential of plant breeding and the use of other plant species in ruminant production systems
  FAIR-CT98-3678 Consumer concerns about animal welfare and the impact on food choice
  FAIR-CT98-3844 Public perceptions of agricultural biotechnologies in Europe
  FAIR-CT98-4006 Novel mechanisms of live, bacterial vaccines in protection against salmonella and other food-borne zoonoses
  FAIR-CT98-4042 Recycling of agricultural materials as a novel slow release fertiliser
  FAIR-CT98-4080 Environmental transport policies and rural development
  FAIR-CT98-4162 Dynamics of rural areas
  FAIR-CT98-4171 Policies and young people in rural development
  FAIR-CT98-4193 Poplars - a multiple-use crop for European arable farmers
  FAIR-CT98-4228 Innovation, diversification and European agricultural situations (IDEAS)
  FAIR-CT98-4259 New quarantine treatments for horticultural and timber products as alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation
  FAIR-CT98-4303 European studies network on European whiteflies, their associated plant pathogens and disorders (E.W.S.N. European whitefly studies network)
  FAIR-CT98-4405 Network for animal health and welfare in organic agriculture
  FAIR-CT98-4445 Partnerships for rural integrated development in Europe
  FAIR-CT98-4460   The development of Euphorbia lagascae as a new oil crop within the European community
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