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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0339 Pine sawfly pheromones for sustainable management of European forests
  FAIR-CT95-0420 Re-generation of native forest stands for timber production and environmental value
  FAIR-CT96-1983 Effects of the afforestation of agricultural land on heavy metal mobility in soil
  FAIR-CT97-3454 Exploitation of nutrient efficiency in forest tree breeding (NUTRIGEN)
  FAIR-CT97-3509 New oilseed rape resistance to diseases through inter-specific crosses
  FAIR-CT97-3575 Indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of forest biodiversity in Europe
  FAIR-CT97-3664 Demonstration of a biologically sustainable and environmentally high-precision thermal seed treatment method
  FAIR-CT97-3686 Coordination in Europe of research on integrated control of varroa mites in honey bee colonies
  FAIR-CT97-3709 Epidemiology and ecology of enterococci, with special reference to antibiotic resistant strains, in animals, humans and the environment
  FAIR-CT97-3894 Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) - a new European fruit crop for production of juice, flavour and fibre
  FAIR-CT97-3947 Biomass short rotation Willow Coppice fertilised with nutrient from municipal Wastewater (BWCW)
  FAIR-CT98-4123 Equine arteritis: international disease control by improved methods of virus detection and characterisation
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