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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0206 European network for development of an integrated control strategy of potato late blight (
  FAIR-CT95-0465 Tailoring the onion crop for the 21st century. The development of high-quality fresh and processed onions
  FAIR-CT95-0497 A European approach to assessing the re-growth potential of woody plants: parameters for plant vitality and dormancy of planting stock
  FAIR-CT95-0517 Certified reference materials to promote quality assurance in the seed production chain and support Community policies for controlling quarantine organisms
  FAIR-CT95-0681 Water management method for non-closed crop production
  FAIR-CT95-0905 Plantibodies: versatile resistance genes against the polyphagous pathogens, tomato spotted wilt virus and root-knot nematode
  FAIR-CT96-1758   Genetic improvement of functional traits in cattle (GIFT)
  FAIR-CT96-1766 Agriculture and employment in the rural regions of the EU
  FAIR-CT96-1793 Thematic network on CAP and the environment in the European Union
  FAIR-CT96-1803 Quality improvement of pears by predictive and adaptive technology
  FAIR-CT96-1898 The biological control of air-borne necrotrophic plant pathogens by suppression of spore production
  FAIR-CT96-1920 Controlling gaseous nitrogen oxides from grassland farming systems in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1996 Monitoring agricultural resources in Europe-crops
  FAIR-CT96-2015   Verticillium wilt in tree species; a Concerted Action for developing innovative and environmentally sound control strategies
  FAIR-CT96-2049   The chain management of veal calf welfare
  FAIR-CT96-2056 Integrated and ecological vegetable production, development of sustainable farming systems focusing on high-quality production and minimum environmental impact
  FAIR-CT97-3386 Genetic diversity in the river populations of the European black poplar for evaluation of biodiversity, conservation strategies, nature development and genetic improvement
  FAIR-CT97-3448 Environmental indicators for sustainable agriculture in the European Union
  FAIR-CT97-3510   Evaluation of methods to compare or rank pesticides according to their environmental impact
  FAIR-CT97-3525   Optimising biological control of a dominant weed in major crops
  FAIR-CT97-3565   Construction and application of a multifunctional ultra-dense genetic map of potato
  FAIR-CT97-3566 Development of prevention and control strategies to address animal health and related problems in densely populated livestock areas of the EU
  FAIR-CT97-3576   Feather pecking: solutions through understanding
  FAIR-CT97-3577 Synthetic food-and-mouth disease virus vaccine
  FAIR-CT97-3585   Transformation of chicory into a high-value non-food crop
  FAIR-CT97-3589 Experiences with the impact of subsoil compaction on soil, crop growth and the environment, and ways to prevent subsoil compaction
  FAIR-CT97-3632   The fate, activity and threat of Ralstonia solanacearum; causal agent of potato brownrot in European soils, rhizospheres and water systems
  FAIR-CT97-3701   Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) as an alternative energy crop in Europe
  FAIR-CT97-3711   Genetic and molecular markers for seed quality
  FAIR-CT98-4027 Development of amelioration strategies to reduce environmental deterioration and agricultural production losses in water-repellent regions
  FAIR-CT98-4063 Lower nitrogen losses in dairy farming through marker assisted breeding for nitrogen-use efficiency and feeding value in ryegrass
  FAIR-CT98-4148 Assessment of the GTAP modelling framework for policy analysis from a European perspective (gtap-eu)
  FAIR-CT98-4223 Multi-functional forestry as a means to rural development: establishing criteria for region-specific strategies for balancing public demands and forest owner objectives
  FAIR-CT98-4235   Reduction of nematicide use by introducing second-generation resistance genes in major European crops
  FAIR-CT98-4239 Lower application of insecticides by the production of insect-resistant crops using novel protease inhibitor genes
  FAIR-CT98-4288 The socio-economic impact of rural development policies: realities and potentials
  FAIR-CT98-4309 Prevention of root diseases in closed soilless growing systems by microbial optimisation, a replacement for methyl bromide
  FAIR-CT98-4339   Embryonic origin of health and welfare: a new concept for understanding the susceptibility to diseases
  FAIR-CT98-4362 Optimal control of nitrate accumulation in greenhouse lettuce and other leafy vegetables
  FAIR-CT98-4366 Epidemiological studies for control of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp sepedonicus, the causative agent of bacterial ring rot in potato
  FAIR-CT98-4441   New female selective attractants for medfly
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