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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0711 Development of new and improved diagnostic tests for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Europe (CBPP)
  FAIR-CT95-0725 Development of diagnostic methods and a rapid field kit for monitoring Monilinia brown rot of stone and pome fruit, especially M. fructicola
  FAIR-CT96-1450   Biology and the integrated control of red rice (bicorer)
  FAIR-CT96-1562 Innovative marketing stategies for cheeses with a protected designation of origin
  FAIR-CT96-1913 Environmental studies on sweet and fibre sorghum sustainable crops for biomass and energy
  FAIR-CT97-3403 Tools for evaluating EU agricultual policy at different decision levels
  FAIR-CT97-3480 Optimisation of cork-oak seed management in support of community policies for reforestation and cork production
  FAIR-CT97-3506 Electro-chemical treatment of fresh animal manure for reducing environment and health risk (electro project)
  FAIR-CT97-3620 Composting of husks produced by two-phase centrifugation olive oil milling plants
  FAIR-CT97-3673 Sustainable agriculture use of aquifers in Southern Europe: integration between agricultural and water management policies
  FAIR-CT98-3663 Development of criteria to establish health-based occupational exposure limits for pesticides
  FAIR-CT98-4068 Compounds and genes for enhanced protein assimilation and digestibility of forage legumes
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