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  FAIR-CT95-0088 Water, agriculture and environment interactions: Reducing the impact of water application heterogeneity on nitrates leaching, water losses and economic yields
  FAIR-CT95-0097 Adaptation and selection of Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus for the sustainable afforestation of marginal lands
  FAIR-CT95-0097   Adaptation and selection of Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus for the sustainable afforestation of marginal lands
  FAIR-CT95-0134 Non-specific serological reactions in bovine brucellosis. Development of diagnostic tools for differentiation between brucellosis and infection due to yersinia enerocolitica o:9
  FAIR-CT95-0297   Synthetic maps of gene diversity and provenance performance for the utilisation and conservation of oak resources in Europe
  FAIR-CT95-0306 PDO and PGI products : market, supply chains and institutions
  FAIR-CT95-0360 Agroalimentaire paysan europeen : caracteristiques distinctives des produits transformes a la ferme : comportement des consommateurs et des marches
  FAIR-CT95-0458 Effective land management for surface run-off control
  FAIR-CT95-0654   Maitrise de l'esca et respect de l'environnement
  FAIR-CT95-0781 Genetic, molecular and physiological determinants of water-use efficiency and drought resistance in major forest trees
  FAIR-CT95-0881 Strategies de contrôle en ferme des comptages de cellules somatiques du lait de brebis et de chevre
  FAIR-CT95-0896   Development of practical tools to characterise the phytoparasitic nematodes Meloidogyne chitwoodi and possible related species recently discovered in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1317 Genetic vaccination of pigs against disease: an evaluation of a combined injection of DNA plasmids coding for cytokines and protective viral antigens
  FAIR-CT96-1341 A handbook and training course for choosing, propagating, protecting and utilising the cypress tree in Mediterranean regions
  FAIR-CT96-1377 Metal-tolerant ectomycorrhizal fungi: selection, characterisation and utilisation for restoration of polluted forests
  FAIR-CT96-1507   Construction and test of technical itineraries to grow field processing tomato of sound quality with limited costs and respect of the environment
  FAIR-CT96-1630 Action concertee : boisement des terres agricoles. Valorisation des ressources scientifiques, techniques et socio-economiques pour l'application des mesures forestieres en agriculture
  FAIR-CT96-1651   European harmonisation of methods for rabbit feed evaluation
  FAIR-CT96-1651 European harmonisation of methods for rabbit feed evaluation
  FAIR-CT96-1669   Integrated strategies for the management of stem canker of Oilseed rape in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1796 Molecular methodology for the detection of fraudulently copied plants in vegetatively propagated crops: application to Geranium (Pelargonium) as a model plant
  FAIR-CT96-1834 Politiques communautaires et politiques regionales: les acteurs regionaux des politiques agricoles et rurales
  FAIR-CT96-1854 Effect of water and nutrient stress on pine tree susceptibility to various pest and disease guilds
  FAIR-CT96-1922 Real ileal amino acid digestibility and ileal endogenous losses: consequences on amino acid availability in pigs
  FAIR-CT96-1965 Creation of varieties and technologies for increasing the production and utilisation of high-quality protein from the white lupin in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-2059 Bio-sensor development for the rapid detection of antibiotics in milk
  FAIR-CT96-2092 Improving agri-environmental policies: a simulation approach to the role of the cognitive properties of institutions and farmers 
  FAIR-CT97-3360 Development of a genetically modified Brucella melitensis live vaccine and associated diagnostic assay allowing discrimination between vaccinated and infected sheep
  FAIR-CT97-3399 Development of a multi-sensor glove FOR controllers and pickers in selecting fruits according to their maturity
  FAIR-CT97-3440   New ecological pest management of pernicious scale insects in Mediterranean forests and groves
  FAIR-CT97-3481   Coordinated studies in view of the future round of multi-lateral trade negotiations in the agriculture and food sector
  FAIR-CT97-3515 Wildlife vaccination against rabies in difficult and emergency situations and its potential impact on the environment
  FAIR-CT97-3516 Asteq: artificial sensing techniques for the evaluation of quality
  FAIR-CT97-3648 Quality of stored grain (qualigrain): building up a decision support system for management and control of quality of malting barley
  FAIR-CT97-3654 Antibiotic resistance in bacteria of animal origin: a concerted action
  FAIR-CT97-3761   Engineering rice for resistance to insects (ERRI)
  FAIR-CT97-3795 Measuring molecular differentiation of European deciduous forests for conservation and management
  FAIR-CT97-3798 Sustainable agricultural land use in alpine mountain regions
  FAIR-CT97-3898 Reducing chemical input in apple production in response to consumer and producer environmental concerns by increasing the durability of natural disease resistance
  FAIR-CT97-3926 Long term dynamics of oak ecosystems: assessment of the role of root pathogens and environmental constraints as interacting decline-inducing factors
  FAIR-CT98-4093 Escherichia coli pathogenic for poultry: molecular approaches to improve diagnosis and control
  FAIR-CT98-4106   Glucomannan: a new vegetal texturing agent for European food and non-food industries
  FAIR-CT98-4139   An alternative to methyl bromide using resistant Prunus rootstocks to root-knot nematodes
  FAIR-CT98-4311 Resistance genes to Salmonella carrier-state in fowls
  FAIR-CT98-4322 Artificial diets for the production of natural enemies (predators and parasitoids) of greenhouse pest insects
  FAIR-CT98-4322   Artificial diets for the production of natural enemies (predators and parasitoids) of greenhouse pest insects
  FAIR-CT98-4333 Diversification with crambe; an industrial oil crop
  FAIR-CT98-4345 Optimisation of the apricot genetic improvement by a joint conventional and molecular approach applied to the main agronomical traits
  FAIR-CT98-4404 Quality strategies and producers' organisation in the European agro-food sector: consumer information and competition
  FAIR-CT98-4438 Hedges: optimising scientific and technical resources to develop agricultural know-how
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