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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0030 Innovative biological indicators to improve the efficiency of water and nitrogen use and fruit quality in tree crops
  FAIR-CT95-0702 Characterisation and assessment of genetic aptitudes of European local beef cattle breeds for producing quality meat
  FAIR-CT96-1302 Application of pheromones and other semiochemicals for pest control in maize
  FAIR-CT96-1339 Active and passive protection of neonate piglets against respiratory and enteric viral infections
  FAIR-CT96-1445 Development, validation and application of molecular morphological and physiological markers for juvenile-to-mature state characterisation in woody plant species
  FAIR-CT96-1545 Improved diagnosis of swine vesicular disease (SVD)
  FAIR-CT96-1664 Aeroponic cultivation with renewable energies
  FAIR-CT96-1666 Protection of neo-natal pigs from virus disease: targeted intra-cellular immunisation with defective viral genomes
  FAIR-CT96-1932 European network for the improvement and evaluation of rootstocks and interstocks used for pome and stone fruits
  FAIR-CT97-3441 New approaches to African swine fever virus (ASFV) diagnosis, pathogenesis and protection
  FAIR-CT97-3463 Improvement of sustainable Phaseolus production in Europe for human consumption
  FAIR-CT97-3665 Induction of early protection against foot and mouth disease
  FAIR-CT98-4104 Development of an early diagnostic system and vaccine for canine leishmaniasis
  FAIR-CT98-4111 Communal ownership: implications for rural development in peripheral areas
  FAIR-CT98-4140 Substitution of methyl bromide fumigation and disease management in strawberry crops by IPM strategies
  FAIR-CT98-4297 Ahipa: exploring the potential of a sustainable crop as an alternative non-food source
  FAIR-CT98-4352 Improvement of fruit quality and shelf life through manipulation of texture
  FAIR-CT98-4361 A concerted action for the establishment of a European network on wildlife as a reservoir of pathogens including zoonoses
  FAIR-CT98-4373 Concerted action for the setting up of a European veterinary network on diagnosis, epidemiology and research of mycobacterial diseases
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