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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0034   The pine wood nematode: development of a sampling, extraction and identification method
  FAIR-CT95-0316 Improved methods for the diagnosis of ruminant alphaherpesvirus infections in relation to the control of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr)
  FAIR-CT95-0364 A project to promote familiarisation and acceptance of crops incorporating transgenic technology
  FAIR-CT95-0709 Market effects of countryside stewardship policies
  FAIR-CT96-1335 Necrotoxigenic escherichia coli (ntec) infection in farm animals: epidemiology and pathogenesis
  FAIR-CT96-1478 Tillage erosion: current state, future trends and prevention
  FAIR-CT96-1569 Spelt: a recover crop for future European sustainable agriculture
  FAIR-CT96-1648   Signalling insect peptides as natural insecticides for crop protection (sips)
  FAIR-CT96-1714   Engineering and evaluation of cyst nematode resistance in sugarbeet
  FAIR-CT98-4146 Molecular characterisation and epidemiology of encephalomyocarditis virus: a model for emerging diseases
  FAIR-CT98-4215 Nutrient management legislation in EU countries
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