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  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0766   Policy analysis of timber certification as a market-based instrument of forest policy to promote the sustainable multi-functional management of forests
  FAIR-CT95-0883 European network for research into forest ecosystems - resolution S6
  FAIR-CT96-1914 Origanum sp. and Salvia sp. - integrated breeding research to improve homogeneity and quality of multifunctional secondary plant products
  FAIR-CT97-3889   Health certification of rosaceous species based on disease-indexing of in vitro plants: validation of diagnostics and diagnostic strategies
  FAIR-CT98-4024   Seed propagation of indigenous species and their use for restoration of eroded areas in the Alps
  FAIR-CT98-4105   Biocontrol of important soil dwelling pests by improving the efficacy of insect pathogenic fungi
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