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index by sub-area Rural development

Development of rural areas

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0114 The role of domestic livestock systems in rural development in disadvantaged areas
  FAIR-CT96-1766 Agriculture and employment in the rural regions of the EU
  FAIR-CT96-1893 Diversification et réorganisation des activités productives lieés à l'élevage dans les zones défavorisées
  FAIR-CT97-3403 Tools for evaluating EU agricultual policy at different decision levels
  FAIR-CT98-4111 Communal ownership: implications for rural development in peripheral areas
  FAIR-CT98-4162 Dynamics of rural areas
  FAIR-CT98-4169 Entrepreneurship in the mountainous areas of southern Europe
  FAIR-CT98-4171 Policies and young people in rural development

Rural development policy

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT96-1554 Structural policy effects in remote rural areas lagging behind in development
  FAIR-CT96-1586 Regional differences in livestock production systems: development of protocols and methodologies for policy evaluation and impact on rural development
  FAIR-CT96-1834   Politiques communautaires et politiques regionales: les acteurs regionaux des politiques agricoles et rurales
  FAIR-CT97-3798 Sustainable agricultural land use in alpine mountain regions
  FAIR-CT98-4080 Environmental transport policies and rural development
  FAIR-CT98-4288 The socio-economic impact of rural development policies: realities and potentials
  FAIR-CT98-4445 Partnerships for rural integrated development in Europe
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