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index by sub-area Multifunctionnal management of forests

Forest policy and socio-economic aspects

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0743 Niche markets for recreational and environmental services (RES) from multiple forest production systems
  FAIR-CT95-0766   Policy analysis of timber certification as a market-based instrument of forest policy to promote the sustainable multi-functional management of forests
  FAIR-CT95-0883 European network for research into forest ecosystems - resolution S6
  FAIR-CT96-1414 Monitoring the socio-economic situation of European farm forestry
  FAIR-CT98-4223 Multi-functional forestry as a means to rural development: establishing criteria for region-specific strategies for balancing public demands and forest owner objectives
  FAIR-CT98-4276 Multifunctional forest management: an evaluation of policy and silvicultural means for mountainous regions

The functioning of the forestry ecosystem

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT96-1854 Effect of water and nutrient stress on pine tree susceptibility to various pest and disease guilds
  FAIR-CT97-3575 Indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of forest biodiversity in Europe
  FAIR-CT98-4124 Relationships between recent changes of growth and nutrition in Norway spruce, Scots pine and European beech forests in Europe

Forest conservation and protection

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0034   The pine wood nematode: development of a sampling, extraction and identification method
  FAIR-CT95-0083 Pest risk analysis of pinewood nematode-related Bursaphelenchus species in view of South European pine wilting and wood imports from Asia
  FAIR-CT95-0235   The impact of forests and silvicultural practices upon the extreme flows of rivers
  FAIR-CT95-0339 Pine sawfly pheromones for sustainable management of European forests
  FAIR-CT95-0420 Re-generation of native forest stands for timber production and environmental value
  FAIR-CT95-0781 Genetic, molecular and physiological determinants of water-use efficiency and drought resistance in major forest trees
  FAIR-CT96-1310 Growth changes of the Norway spruce under varying climatic conditions on sites in Northern and Central Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1377 Metal-tolerant ectomycorrhizal fungi: selection, characterisation and utilisation for restoration of polluted forests
  FAIR-CT96-1983 Effects of the afforestation of agricultural land on heavy metal mobility in soil
  FAIR-CT97-3926 Long term dynamics of oak ecosystems: assessment of the role of root pathogens and environmental constraints as interacting decline-inducing factors
  FAIR-CT98-4421 Best harvesting and/or treatment practices of Mediterranean forest residues considering economical and environmental constraints

Afforestation, sustainable management of forests, integration of functions, agro-forestry

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0097 Adaptation and selection of Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus for the sustainable afforestation of marginal lands
  FAIR-CT95-0097   Adaptation and selection of Mediterranean Pinus and Cedrus for the sustainable afforestation of marginal lands
  FAIR-CT95-0497 A European approach to assessing the re-growth potential of woody plants: parameters for plant vitality and dormancy of planting stock
  FAIR-CT95-0873 Developing somatic embryogenesis as a tool for spruce tree improvement
  FAIR-CT96-1341 A handbook and training course for choosing, propagating, protecting and utilising the cypress tree in Mediterranean regions
  FAIR-CT96-1445 Development, validation and application of molecular morphological and physiological markers for juvenile-to-mature state characterisation in woody plant species
  FAIR-CT96-1464 Common beech for forestation and diversifaction: development of forestation techniques and assessment of the genetic variation in reproductive materials
  FAIR-CT96-1630 Action concertee : boisement des terres agricoles. Valorisation des ressources scientifiques, techniques et socio-economiques pour l'application des mesures forestieres en agriculture
  FAIR-CT96-1792 Improving protection and resistance of forests to the spruce aphid
  FAIR-CT97-3386 Genetic diversity in the river populations of the European black poplar for evaluation of biodiversity, conservation strategies, nature development and genetic improvement
  FAIR-CT97-3454 Exploitation of nutrient efficiency in forest tree breeding (NUTRIGEN)
  FAIR-CT97-3795 Measuring molecular differentiation of European deciduous forests for conservation and management
  FAIR-CT97-3856 Definition of criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of European eucalyptus stands
  FAIR-CT98-4045 Scale-dependent monitoring of non-timber forest resources based on indicators assessed in various scales

Cork and cork-oak

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0202 European network for the evaluation of genetic resources of cork oak for appropriate use in breeding and gene conservation strategies
  FAIR-CT95-0297   Synthetic maps of gene diversity and provenance performance for the utilisation and conservation of oak resources in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1438 Cork assess - field assessment and modelling of cork production and quality
  FAIR-CT97-3480 Optimisation of cork-oak seed management in support of community policies for reforestation and cork production
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