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Plant health

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0030 Innovative biological indicators to improve the efficiency of water and nitrogen use and fruit quality in tree crops
  FAIR-CT95-0206 European network for development of an integrated control strategy of potato late blight (
  FAIR-CT95-0465 Tailoring the onion crop for the 21st century. The development of high-quality fresh and processed onions
  FAIR-CT95-0517 Certified reference materials to promote quality assurance in the seed production chain and support Community policies for controlling quarantine organisms
  FAIR-CT95-0654   Maitrise de l'esca et respect de l'environnement
  FAIR-CT95-0725 Development of diagnostic methods and a rapid field kit for monitoring Monilinia brown rot of stone and pome fruit, especially M. fructicola
  FAIR-CT95-0896   Development of practical tools to characterise the phytoparasitic nematodes Meloidogyne chitwoodi and possible related species recently discovered in Europe
  FAIR-CT95-0905 Plantibodies: versatile resistance genes against the polyphagous pathogens, tomato spotted wilt virus and root-knot nematode
  FAIR-CT96-1302 Application of pheromones and other semiochemicals for pest control in maize
  FAIR-CT96-1314 Minimising pesticide use and environmental impact by the development and promotion of bio-control strategies for oilseed rape pests
  FAIR-CT96-1373 Improvement of biological seed treatments against damping-off in crop production
  FAIR-CT96-1406 A Concerted Action to construct generic databases of re-entry and bystander exposures to plant protection products, and develop predictive models
  FAIR-CT96-1447   Silviculture and biodiversity of scots pine forests in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1450   Biology and the integrated control of red rice (bicorer)
  FAIR-CT96-1529 Pathogen-resistant grain legumes using gene transfer methods
  FAIR-CT96-1648   Signalling insect peptides as natural insecticides for crop protection (sips)
  FAIR-CT96-1669   Integrated strategies for the management of stem canker of Oilseed rape in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1714   Engineering and evaluation of cyst nematode resistance in sugarbeet
  FAIR-CT96-1803 Quality improvement of pears by predictive and adaptive technology
  FAIR-CT96-1877 Biogenic emissions of greenhouse gases caused by arable and animal agriculture
  FAIR-CT96-1898 The biological control of air-borne necrotrophic plant pathogens by suppression of spore production
  FAIR-CT96-1949   Bio-diversity in alpine forest ecosystem: analysis, protection and management
  FAIR-CT96-1972 Development of standardised molecular techniques for the identification of insect quarantine pests
  FAIR-CT96-1996 Monitoring agricultural resources in Europe-crops
  FAIR-CT96-2015   Verticillium wilt in tree species; a Concerted Action for developing innovative and environmentally sound control strategies
  FAIR-CT96-2024 Enmaria: European Network for Management of Arthropod Resistance to Insecticides and Acaricides
  FAIR-CT97-3351   Oxidative attack by necrotrophic pathogens: new approaches for an innovative and non-biocidal control of plant diseases
  FAIR-CT97-3355 Novel technologies for integrated control of slug damage in key horticultural crops
  FAIR-CT97-3440   New ecological pest management of pernicious scale insects in Mediterranean forests and groves
  FAIR-CT97-3444 Development of a sustainable strategy for the management of root-knot nematodes in vegetable crops in southern Europe - an alternative to the use of methylbromide
  FAIR-CT97-3489 Evaluating environmental risks of biological control introductions into Europe
  FAIR-CT97-3493 Engineering tomato against environmental stress
  FAIR-CT97-3509 New oilseed rape resistance to diseases through inter-specific crosses
  FAIR-CT97-3525   Optimising biological control of a dominant weed in major crops
  FAIR-CT97-3565   Construction and application of a multifunctional ultra-dense genetic map of potato
  FAIR-CT97-3615 Phytophthora disease of alder in Europe: potential for damage, opportunities for limitation of pathogen spread, and for management and control
  FAIR-CT97-3632   The fate, activity and threat of Ralstonia solanacearum; causal agent of potato brownrot in European soils, rhizospheres and water systems
  FAIR-CT97-3664 Demonstration of a biologically sustainable and environmentally high-precision thermal seed treatment method
  FAIR-CT97-3676 Development of new strategies for resistance engineering in transgenic potato towards Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum and Erwinia carotovora
  FAIR-CT97-3761   Engineering rice for resistance to insects (ERRI)
  FAIR-CT97-3889   Health certification of rosaceous species based on disease-indexing of in vitro plants: validation of diagnostics and diagnostic strategies
  FAIR-CT97-3898 Reducing chemical input in apple production in response to consumer and producer environmental concerns by increasing the durability of natural disease resistance
  FAIR-CT98-3663 Development of criteria to establish health-based occupational exposure limits for pesticides
  FAIR-CT98-3844 Public perceptions of agricultural biotechnologies in Europe
  FAIR-CT98-4096 Controlling Mediterranean fruit fly and improving citrus fruit quality by post-harvest heat treatments
  FAIR-CT98-4105   Biocontrol of important soil dwelling pests by improving the efficacy of insect pathogenic fungi
  FAIR-CT98-4139   An alternative to methyl bromide using resistant Prunus rootstocks to root-knot nematodes
  FAIR-CT98-4140 Substitution of methyl bromide fumigation and disease management in strawberry crops by IPM strategies
  FAIR-CT98-4235   Reduction of nematicide use by introducing second-generation resistance genes in major European crops
  FAIR-CT98-4239 Lower application of insecticides by the production of insect-resistant crops using novel protease inhibitor genes
  FAIR-CT98-4259 New quarantine treatments for horticultural and timber products as alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation
  FAIR-CT98-4303 European studies network on European whiteflies, their associated plant pathogens and disorders (E.W.S.N. European whitefly studies network)
  FAIR-CT98-4309 Prevention of root diseases in closed soilless growing systems by microbial optimisation, a replacement for methyl bromide
  FAIR-CT98-4322   Artificial diets for the production of natural enemies (predators and parasitoids) of greenhouse pest insects
  FAIR-CT98-4322 Artificial diets for the production of natural enemies (predators and parasitoids) of greenhouse pest insects
  FAIR-CT98-4413 Improved plant health by the combination of biological disease control methods
  FAIR-CT98-4441   New female selective attractants for medfly

Animal health

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0075   Genetic solutions to health and welfare problems in poultry caused by painful skeletal disorders
  FAIR-CT95-0134 Non-specific serological reactions in bovine brucellosis. Development of diagnostic tools for differentiation between brucellosis and infection due to yersinia enerocolitica o:9
  FAIR-CT95-0316 Improved methods for the diagnosis of ruminant alphaherpesvirus infections in relation to the control of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr)
  FAIR-CT95-0400 Salmonella in pork (salinpork): pre-harvest and harvest control options based on epidemiologic, diagnostic and economic research
  FAIR-CT95-0707 Control of Classical Swine Fever by Molecular Diagnosis and Epidemiology
  FAIR-CT95-0711 Development of new and improved diagnostic tests for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Europe (CBPP)
  FAIR-CT96-1317 Genetic vaccination of pigs against disease: an evaluation of a combined injection of DNA plasmids coding for cytokines and protective viral antigens
  FAIR-CT96-1335 Necrotoxigenic escherichia coli (ntec) infection in farm animals: epidemiology and pathogenesis
  FAIR-CT96-1339 Active and passive protection of neonate piglets against respiratory and enteric viral infections
  FAIR-CT96-1485 Environmentally sensitive approaches to nematode parasite control in sustainable agricultural systems for sheep and goats
  FAIR-CT96-1502 New molecular approaches for improved vaccines to poultry diseases
  FAIR-CT96-1545 Improved diagnosis of swine vesicular disease (SVD)
  FAIR-CT96-1666 Protection of neo-natal pigs from virus disease: targeted intra-cellular immunisation with defective viral genomes
  FAIR-CT96-1743 Mechanisms behind the host-specificity of bacteria, investigated by use of host-specific salmonella serotypes
  FAIR-CT97-3360 Development of a genetically modified Brucella melitensis live vaccine and associated diagnostic assay allowing discrimination between vaccinated and infected sheep
  FAIR-CT97-3441 New approaches to African swine fever virus (ASFV) diagnosis, pathogenesis and protection
  FAIR-CT97-3506 Electro-chemical treatment of fresh animal manure for reducing environment and health risk (electro project)
  FAIR-CT97-3515 Wildlife vaccination against rabies in difficult and emergency situations and its potential impact on the environment
  FAIR-CT97-3566 Development of prevention and control strategies to address animal health and related problems in densely populated livestock areas of the EU
  FAIR-CT97-3577 Synthetic food-and-mouth disease virus vaccine
  FAIR-CT97-3654 Antibiotic resistance in bacteria of animal origin: a concerted action
  FAIR-CT97-3665 Induction of early protection against foot and mouth disease
  FAIR-CT97-3686 Coordination in Europe of research on integrated control of varroa mites in honey bee colonies
  FAIR-CT97-3709 Epidemiology and ecology of enterococci, with special reference to antibiotic resistant strains, in animals, humans and the environment
  FAIR-CT97-3732 Pathogenesis of classical swine fever: towards a rapid immunodiagnostic detection of infected animals
  FAIR-CT98-4006 Novel mechanisms of live, bacterial vaccines in protection against salmonella and other food-borne zoonoses
  FAIR-CT98-4032 Development of improved methods for the diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease
  FAIR-CT98-4071   Impact of endocrine disrupting agents in food on reproductive health in farm animals
  FAIR-CT98-4093 Escherichia coli pathogenic for poultry: molecular approaches to improve diagnosis and control
  FAIR-CT98-4104 Development of an early diagnostic system and vaccine for canine leishmaniasis
  FAIR-CT98-4123 Equine arteritis: international disease control by improved methods of virus detection and characterisation
  FAIR-CT98-4146 Molecular characterisation and epidemiology of
  FAIR-CT98-4311 Resistance genes to Salmonella carrier-state in fowls
  FAIR-CT98-4339   Embryonic origin of health and welfare: a new concept for understanding the susceptibility to diseases
  FAIR-CT98-4361 A concerted action for the establishment of a European network on wildlife as a reservoir of pathogens including zoonoses
  FAIR-CT98-4373 Concerted action for the setting up of a European veterinary network on diagnosis, epidemiology and research of mycobacterial diseases
  FAIR-CT98-4405 Network for animal health and welfare in organic agriculture

Animal welfare

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT96-2049   The chain management of veal calf welfare
  FAIR-CT97-3576   Feather pecking: solutions through understanding
  FAIR-CT98-3678 Consumer concerns about animal welfare and the impact on food choice
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