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index by sub-area Diversification, new land uses

Speciality products

  Project number   Project title
FAIR-CT96-1569 Spelt: a recover crop for future European sustainable agriculture
  FAIR-CT96-1597   Increasing competitiveness of high quality European animal textile fibres by improving fibre quality
  FAIR-CT97-3585   Transformation of chicory into a high-value non-food crop
FAIR-CT97-3620 Composting of husks produced by two-phase centrifugation olive oil milling plants
  FAIR-CT97-3751   Optimised production and harvesting technique of the alternative crop Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
FAIR-CT97-3894 Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) - a new European fruit crop for production of juice, flavour and fibre
FAIR-CT98-4042 Recycling of agricultural materials as a novel slow release fertiliser
FAIR-CT98-4068 Compounds and genes for enhanced protein assimilation and digestibility of forage legumes
  FAIR-CT96-1914 Origanum sp. and Salvia sp. - integrated breeding research to improve homogeneity and quality of multifunctional secondary plant products
  FAIR-CT98-4333 Diversification with crambe; an industrial oil crop

Biomass production (food, feed, non-food and energy uses)

  Project number   Project title
FAIR-CT95-0396 Hemp for Europe - manufacturing and production systems
  FAIR-CT96-1389 Socio-economic multiplier model for rural diversification through biomass energy deployment - biosem model
  FAIR-CT96-1392   European miscanthus improvement: broadening the genetic base, testing genotypes and development of breeding methods
FAIR-CT96-1707 Concerted action on miscanthus
FAIR-CT96-1747 Bamboo for Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1913 Environmental studies on sweet and fibre sorghum sustainable crops for biomass and energy
FAIR-CT96-2028 Giant reed (Arundo donax L.) network: improvement, productivity and biomass quality
  FAIR-CT97-3701   Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) as an alternative energy crop in Europe
FAIR-CT97-3947 Biomass short rotation Willow Coppice fertilised with nutrient from municipal Wastewater (BWCW)
  FAIR-CT98-4106   Glucomannan: a new vegetal texturing agent for European food and non-food industries
FAIR-CT98-4193 Poplars - a multiple-use crop for European arable farmers
FAIR-CT98-4297 Ahipa: exploring the potential of a sustainable crop as an alternative non-food source
  FAIR-CT98-4460   The development of Euphorbia lagascae as a new oil crop within the European community

Development of complementary on-farm activities

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT98-4228 Innovation, diversification and European agricultural situations (IDEAS)
  FAIR-CT98-4438 Hedges: optimising scientific and technical resources to develop agricultural know-how

Socio-economic research to facilitate diversification

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