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Consumer's expectations

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0306 PDO and PGI products : market, supply chains and institutions
  FAIR-CT95-0360 Agroalimentaire paysan europeen : caracteristiques distinctives des produits transformes a la ferme : comportement des consommateurs et des marches
  FAIR-CT95-0844 Development of an integrated knowledge based decision support system for differentiated agricultural products
FAIR-CT95-0881 Strategies de contrôle en ferme des comptages de cellules somatiques du lait de brebis et de chevre
FAIR-CT96-1768 Identifying and changing the qualities and composition of meat from different European sheep types which meets regional consumer expectations
FAIR-CT97-3373 Nutrition, health and the demand for food

Technological instruments and methods

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT96-1796 Molecular methodology for the detection of fraudulently copied plants in vegetatively propagated crops: application to Geranium (Pelargonium) as a model plant
  FAIR-CT96-2059 Bio-sensor development for the rapid detection of antibiotics in milk
  FAIR-CT97-3399 Development of a multi-sensor glove FOR controllers and pickers in selecting fruits according to their maturity
  FAIR-CT97-3443 Development, validation and harmonisation of screening and confirmatory tests to distinguish zeranol abuse from fusarium toxin contamination in food animals
  FAIR-CT97-3516 Asteq: artificial sensing techniques for the evaluation of quality
  FAIR-CT97-3648 Quality of stored grain (qualigrain): building up a decision support system for management and control of quality of malting barley
  FAIR-CT97-3711   Genetic and molecular markers for seed quality
  FAIR-CT97-3940 Factors affecting hide and skin quality: development of strategies for improving the raw material of the leather industry
  FAIR-CT98-4352 Improvement of fruit quality and shelf life through manipulation of texture
  FAIR-CT98-4362 Optimal control of nitrate accumulation in greenhouse lettuce and other leafy vegetables

Organisational aspects

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT96-1827 Regional images and the promotion of quality products and services in the slower developing regions of the European Union
  FAIR-CT98-4404 Quality strategies and producers' organisation in the European agro-food sector: consumer information and competition
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