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Optimisation of methods, systems and primary production chains

  Project number   Project title
  FAIR-CT95-0364 A project to promote familiarisation and acceptance of crops incorporating transgenic technology
  FAIR-CT95-0481 Husbandry systems and sustainable social/environmental quality in less favoured areas
  FAIR-CT95-0681 Water management method for non-closed crop production
  FAIR-CT95-0702 Characterisation and assessment of genetic aptitudes of European local beef cattle breeds for producing quality meat
  FAIR-CT96-1449 Evaluation of combined food and energy systems for more efficient land use and environmentally benign sustainable production
  FAIR-CT96-1507   Construction and test of technical itineraries to grow field processing tomato of sound quality with limited costs and respect of the environment
  FAIR-CT96-1560 Efficiency in use of resources: optimisation in potato production
  FAIR-CT96-1562 Innovative marketing stategies for cheeses with a protected designation of origin
  FAIR-CT96-1651 European harmonisation of methods for rabbit feed evaluation
  FAIR-CT96-1651   European harmonisation of methods for rabbit feed evaluation
  FAIR-CT96-1664 Aeroponic cultivation with renewable energies
  FAIR-CT96-1758   Genetic improvement of functional traits in cattle (GIFT)
  FAIR-CT96-1920 Controlling gaseous nitrogen oxides from grassland farming systems in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-1922 Real ileal amino acid digestibility and ileal endogenous losses: consequences on amino acid availability in pigs
  FAIR-CT96-1932 European network for the improvement and evaluation of rootstocks and interstocks used for pome and stone fruits
  FAIR-CT96-1965 Creation of varieties and technologies for increasing the production and utilisation of high-quality protein from the white lupin in Europe
  FAIR-CT96-2056 Integrated and ecological vegetable production, development of sustainable farming systems focusing on high-quality production and minimum environmental impact
  FAIR-CT96-2069 The assessment of genetic purity in hybrid varieties of crops
  FAIR-CT97-3463 Improvement of sustainable Phaseolus production in Europe for human consumption
  FAIR-CT97-3730   Introducing and controlling asexual reproduction through seeds in apomictic systems and sexual crop plants
  FAIR-CT97-3819 European farms for effective clover technology
  FAIR-CT97-3968 Forage 2000 - improve nutrient utilisation in ruminant production systems: development of cooperation and integration of research strategies to evaluate the potential of plant breeding and the use of other plant species in ruminant production systems
  FAIR-CT98-4310 Management and control for quality in greenhouses - demonstration
  FAIR-CT98-4366 Epidemiological studies for control of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp sepedonicus, the causative agent of bacterial ring rot in potato

Agriculture-environment interactions

  Project number   Project title
FAIR-CT95-0088 Water, agriculture and environment interactions: Reducing the impact of water application heterogeneity on nitrates leaching, water losses and economic yields
FAIR-CT95-0274 Implementation and effectiveness of EU agri-environmental schemes established under regulation 2078/92
FAIR-CT95-0458 Effective land management for surface run-off control
FAIR-CT96-1309 European network to investigate environmental problems associated with the nitrogen fertilisation of field grown vegetable crops
FAIR-CT96-1478 Tillage erosion: current state, future trends and prevention
FAIR-CT96-1793 Thematic network on CAP and the environment in the European Union
FAIR-CT96-1832 Low-input animal production based on forage legumes for silage
FAIR-CT97-3448 Environmental indicators for sustainable agriculture in the European Union
  FAIR-CT97-3510   Evaluation of methods to compare or rank pesticides according to their environmental impact
FAIR-CT97-3589 Experiences with the impact of subsoil compaction on soil, crop growth and the environment, and ways to prevent subsoil compaction
FAIR-CT97-3673 Sustainable agriculture use of aquifers in Southern Europe: integration between agricultural and water management policies
FAIR-CT97-3779 Recycling organic solids in agriculture
  FAIR-CT98-4024   Seed propagation of indigenous species and their use for restoration of eroded areas in the Alps
FAIR-CT98-4027 Development of amelioration strategies to reduce environmental deterioration and agricultural production losses in water-repellent regions
FAIR-CT98-4057 Ammonia losses from field-applied animal manure
  FAIR-CT98-4063 Lower nitrogen losses in dairy farming through marker assisted breeding for nitrogen-use efficiency and feeding value in ryegrass
FAIR-CT98-4215 Nutrient management legislation in EU countries
  FAIR-CT98-4345 Optimisation of the apricot genetic improvement by a joint conventional and molecular approach applied to the main agronomical traits

Policy-relevant economic analysis. Impact assessment

  Project number   Project title
FAIR-CT95-0029 Agricultural implications of CEEC accession to the EU
FAIR-CT95-0709 Market effects of countryside stewardship policies
  FAIR-CT96-1794 Effects of the CAP Reform and possible further developments on organic farming within the EU
FAIR-CT96-1849 Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact Analysis
  FAIR-CT96-2092 Improving agri-environmental policies: a simulation approach to the role of the cognitive properties of institutions and farmers
  FAIR-CT97-3481   Coordinated studies in view of the future round of multi-lateral trade negotiations in the agriculture and food sector
FAIR-CT98-4148 Assessment of the GTAP modelling framework for policy analysis from a European perspective (gtap-eu)
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