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Reformed CAP

  • Optimisation of methods, systems and primary production chains
  • Agriculture-environment interactions
  • Policy-relevant economic analysis. Impact assessment

Quality policy

  • Consumer's expectations
  • Technological instruments and methods
  • Organisational aspects

Diversification, new land uses

  • Speciality products
  • Biomass production (food, feed, non-food and energy uses)
  • Development of complementary on-farm activities
  • Socio-economic research to facilitate diversification

Animal and plant health, animal welfare

  • Plant health
  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare

Multifunctionnal management of forests

  • Forest policy and socio-economic aspects
  • The functioning of the forestry ecosystem
  • Forest conservation and protection
  • Afforestation, sustainable managementof forests, integration of functions, agro-forestry
  • Cork and cork-oak

Rural development

  • Develoment of rural areas
  • Rural development policy


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