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This publication is a description of projects funded under Area 4 of the FAIR programme covering agriculture forestry and rural development. It gives details concerning the participants, the objectives and the results to date of the completed and ongoing research within each project.

FAIR is an acronym for the fourth framework specific RTD programme "Agriculture and Fisheries (including Agro-industry, Food technologies, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development)". It was one of the 18 specific programmes adopted by Council in April 1994 for funding over the framework period 1994-1998. The FAIR programme had an overall budget of 728 MECU and was implemented through research and technological development (RTD), demonstration (DEMO), and CRAFT, shared cost projects, concerted action and thematic networks (CA), and research training grants.

The programme aimed to promote pre-competitive research in the European primary production food and non-food sectors of agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, and to consolidate links with the input and processing industries, the end user and the consumer. It covers all aspects of production and utilisation of biological raw materials with a view to develop new markets, products and processes for the raw materials originating from agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Pre-normative research was initiated and supported in order to provide a sound scientific base for the setting of standards and regulations relating to production, transformation and use of biological resources. The programme was organised into the following activities with indicative budgets indicated.

Vertical activities
Area 1
Integrated production and processing chains (64 M)
Area 2
Scaling-up and processing methodologies (30 M)
Area 3
Generic science and advanced technologies for nutritious foods (68M)
Area 4
Agriculture, forestry and rural development (157M)
Area 5
Fisheries and aquaculture (72M)
Area 6
Objectives addressed by concertation (34 M)

Horizontal Activities:

Demonstration Activities:
Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects
Specific Measures In Support of SMEs

Area 4 had the goal of funding research to support the Common Agricultural Policy and evaluating its effects, along with identifying solutions for the changing rural and coastal world. The aim was to develop new and improved production systems, which were both competitive and sustainable. In the forestry sector, research contributing to the overall global objectives concerning the protection and long term development of forests, multiple functions of forests and better utilisation of forest production was funded. Finally, research was funded to improve the development of rural areas, in particular, areas lagging behind in development.

Area 4 was divided into the following sub-areas.

Sub-area 4.1    Reformed CAP
Sub-area 4.2    Quality policy
Sub-area 4.3    Diversification, new land uses
Sub-area 4.4    Animal and plant health, animal welfare
Sub-area 4.5    Multifunctional management of forests
Sub-area 4.6    Rural development

Area 4 statistics

Number of calls/evaluations



Projects selected
Projects submitted
Selection rate
Shared cost RTD
Shared cost DEMO
Concerted actions
Total cost
Total EU contribution
Average Total cost
Average EU contribution
Percentage EU contribution
271 M
199 M
1.13 M
0.8 M
Number of Participants
Public research
Average Project Duration 37 Man months


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