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Sixth Framework Programme


Agricultural Research in FP6

Food quality and safety priority
Food quality and safety is a key thematic priority area under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for research and has a budget of € 685 million.

Public anxiety about the quality and integrity of food production in Europe has increased in recent years because of a number of problems such as BSE, salmonella and dioxin entering the food chain.

The Commission's thematic priority programme for research into food quality and safety meets such anxiety head on. It gives scientific foundation to developing an environmentally friendly production and distribution chain of safer, healthier and more varied foods for the European consumer.
Indeed, placing the consumer's needs at the top of the agenda means a reversal of the classical 'farm-to-fork' approach to food safety and quality issues. Fork to farm use the FP6 instruments - Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence - to develop large, multi-partner research projects that cover entire food production chains in relation to agriculture and fisheries. Research activities always start with the needs of the consumer.

This thematic priority area covers the following subjects:

  • Epidemiology of food-related diseases and allergies
  • How food impacts on health
  • Improving the way food can be traced along the production chain
  • Creating methods of analysis, detection and control of contaminants
  • Safer and more environmentally friendly production methods
  • The impact of animal feed on human health
  • Environmental health risks linked to the food chain

Work programme

Further information about FP6:

The Calatlogue

Food Quality and Safety catalogue is published.
This catalogue highlights the challenge undertaken by Food Quality and Safety during FP6.

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