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SCAR - National Research Systems - Malta

Agriculture and fisheries together account for about 2.8% of Malta’s GDP, a share that increases to little more than 6% if the whole agri-food chain is considered. This is one of the main reasons why scientific research that is specific to the agricultural sector is relatively limited and is only allocated a very small share of the resources within science and technology-oriented research activities.

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The main agricultural research is carried out by the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment, which is a governmental organisation responsible for the environment, agriculture and fisheries. The Agricultural Services and Rural development Division (AS & RD), the Food and Veterinary Regulations Division (FVRD) and the Fisheries Conservation and Control Division (FCCD) maintain their own research budgets. The lead institute in agricultural research within the academia is the Institute of Agriculture.

Research Performers

In a broad sense, agricultural-related research is performed by a range of organisations including government departments, university, research institutes, authorities and non-governmental organisations. The following sites link to selected agricultural research performers:

- Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment
Departments within the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment are responsible for their respective research area, whereby some of which are carried out in collaboration with the University of Malta. The research missions are to develop and implement research programmes, providing technical and scientific support for policy formulation, while providing advisory and extension services to the farming community. The Malta Environment & Planning Authority (MEPA) is committed to ensure that land use and the protection of the environment meet the needs of today's society and future communities. It is working to ensure a quality of life that will be in harmony with the natural, cultural and built environment. In so doing it seeks to implement sustainable development that safeguard the environment. The MEPA has on-going policy-oriented research programmes that include the rural environment and the agricultural landscape.

- Ministry of Education

The University of Malta and the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology are the main bodies within the Ministry of Education, responsible for higher education and agricultural research. 

- University of Malta
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    Institute of Agriculture
    The Institute of Agriculture was established within the University of Malta in February 1993 by Legal Notice 20 of 1993. The aim of the institute is to organise degree and diploma courses in agricultural sciences; conduct research in agricultural sciences with particular reference to the needs of Maltese agriculture; assist in the development of national agricultural plans and in the efficient use of local agricultural resources; provide professional advisory and extension services to the local farming community; and pioneer new, modern technologies in Maltese agriculture.
  • Faculty of Science
  • Junior College, Department of Biology
  • Malta College for Art, Science and Technology (MCAST)
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    (MCST) The Malta Council for Science and Technology is the national advisory body to Government on science and technology policy. The MCST is responsible for identifying and addressing major science and technology challenges and issues of strategic importance for Malta, thereby contributing to the development of coherent and sustainable policy visions and initiatives.
    The MCST's main remit is to encourage investments and capacity building in science and research, with a view to promoting a culture for science, technology and innovation across the public, private and education sectors.
Malta Statistics Authority

National Statistics Office
The National Statistics Office (NSO) is responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of a wide range of statistical information and related matters. The National Statistics Office is governed by the Malta Statistics Authority Act, 2000.

Non-Governmental Organisations Financing

Maltese agricultural research is funded by National and International programmes. The Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Environment and the Ministry of Education are allocated a budget every year for the implementation of their research programmes and for new programmes and initiatives. The Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Directorate (PPCD) within the Office of the Prime Minister, is responsible for the co-ordination of Malta’s participation in EU programmes.

Planning & Priorities Co-ordination Division

National Research Systems
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The SCAR plenary meetings are normally organised twice a year. Thirteen meetings have been held so far since February 2005.

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The SCAR committee is supported by a Secretariat with staff from the Commission's Directorate-General for Research and staff made available to SCAR from Member States (‘virtual secretariat’). The Secretariat is in charge of the preparation and follow-up of forum meetings (e.g. coordination of the agenda, invitation, documents for the meeting, minutes) and provides assistance to the working groups.
Contact person: François Constantin.