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Collaborative & Strategic Working Groups (CWGs/SWGs)
The SCAR committee adopted a structured approach to the prioritisation of research topics for further collaboration, through the establishment of a number of Collaborative Working Groups (CWGs) and Strategic Working Groups (SWGs) formed by Member & Associated State representatives.
The establishment of CWGs is a more flexible and less formal alternative mechanism to the ERA-NET scheme, but shares the same objective: to stimulate and ultimately increase research collaboration between funders and programme managers on key-research areas. In some cases, the term 'Strategic' has been chosen to characterise those Working Groups which have no vocation to become ERA-NETs and are more long-term policy driven.

Since 2005, more than 20 CWGs/SWGs have been set up by European countries engaging voluntarily and on a variable-geometry basis in the definition, development and implementation of common research agendas based on a common vision of how to address major challenges in the field of agricultural research.

The dynamism and commitment of several CWGs paved the way for participation in the FP7 ERA-NET scheme. Eight of them became ERA-NETs.


ON-GOING SWGs Coordinator Countries Kick-off Rationale Report
Forest research and Innovation NL 15 07/09/2012 PDF icon
European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on Global Challenges - ARCH SCAR EIARD 13 17/09/2013 PDF icon
PDF icon
Sustainable Bio-Resources for a Growing Bioeconomy - BIOMASS NL 15 07/09/2012 PDF icon
Fisheries and Aquaculture - SCARFISH DK 21 14/06/2012 PDF icon
Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems AKIS - AKIS III FR-NL 16 4/05/2010 PDF icon PDF icon


ON-GOING CWGs Coordinator Countries Kick-off Rationale Report
Sustainable Animal Production DE - ES 14 29/01/2014 PDF icon
Integrated Biorefineries DE 12 13/11/2013 PDF icon


CWGs leading to ERA-Nets Coordinator Countries Kick-off Rationale Report
Integrated pest management for the reduction of pesticide risks and use - ERA-NET C-IPM FR 18 13/05/2011 PDF icon
Forest value chain in the light of climate change - ERCF - ERA-NET SUMFOREST AT-DE 12 3-4/05/ 2011 PDF icon
Sustainable food production for wealth, welfare and health - ERA-NET "SUSFOOD" DK 17 6/05/2010 PDF icon
Risk Research on Genetically Modified Organisms - upcoming ERA-NET preparatory action AT 15 13/10/2009 PDF icon
Coordinated research agenda for EU rural policy - ERA-NET "RURAGRI" SE - NL 7 23/11/2006 PDF icon
Agriculture and Sustainable Development - ERA-NET "RURAGRI" FR 11 6/12/2005 PDF icon
ICT and Robotics in Agro-Food Industries - ERA-NET "ICT-AGRI" DK 11 1/09/2005 PDF icon
Relevant Issues for Mediterranean Agriculture - ERA-NET "ARIMNet" FR 12 2/12/2005 PDF icon
Animal Health and Welfare - ERA-NET "ANIHWA" UK 21 8/12/2005
Animal Health - ERA-NET “EMIDA” UK 21 8/12/2005


STANDBY OR FINISHED CWGs Coordinator Countries Kick-off Rationale Report
Shared Infrastructures in the field of Agricultural Research FR 15 25/09/2008 PDF icon PDF icon
Climate Change and Agriculture included in the JPI "FACCE" ES 21 24/06/2008 PDF icon PDF icon
Development of Sustainable Agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region PL 8 17/11/2006 PDF icon
Agriculture and Energy supported by CSA AGREE DE 20 24/06/2008 PDF icon
Ecology for Ecosystems & Natural Resources Sustainable Management FR 8 16/06/2006 PDF icon
Adaptation of Human Nutrition to Environment Evolution FR 10 29/05/2006 PDF icon
Advanced Technologies for Climatic Control of Greenhouses and Livestock Housing IL 14 14/03/2006 PDF icon
Renewable Raw Materials and their Applications in Non-Food  Industry DE 18 27/09/2005 PDF icon
Sustainable Livestock Production from Grasslands IE 21 1/12/2005 PDF icon PDF icon
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The SCAR plenary meetings are normally organised twice a year. Thirteen meetings have been held so far since February 2005.

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The SCAR committee is supported by a Secretariat with staff from the Commission's Directorate-General for Research and staff made available to SCAR from Member States (‘virtual secretariat’). The Secretariat is in charge of the preparation and follow-up of forum meetings (e.g. coordination of the agenda, invitation, documents for the meeting, minutes) and provides assistance to the working groups.
Contact person: François Constantin.