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FP6 project success stories

 FP4 & FP5 success stories

FP5 projects success stories

Below are FP5 projects, set out in some detail, that are good examples of EU-funded research across the range of subjects including: plant systems; animal systems; forest management; forest wood chain; support for the common agricultural policy; and rural development.

FP4 projects success stories

16 success stories have been drawn from the Area 4 of the FAIR programme funded under the Fourth Framework programme. FAIR is an acronym for the fourth framework specific RTD programme “Agriculture and Fisheries (including Agro-industry, Food technologies, Forestry, Aquaculture and Rural Development)”. The projects span a very wide subject area and include successes such as instrumentation that allows water saving but maintains crop quality; silage systems that use less fertiliser, composting systems that overcome the problem of waste husks from olive pressing, and information to improve the welfare of chickens. Rural development issues are addressed by the project ‘Development of rural areas’. This is a small selection of some of the best projects as selected by the impact assessment methodology use for the study.

Other FP4 projects success stories


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