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Research on effective cod stock recovery measures

This project addresses the current, critical survival level of the cod stock in the North Sea and the Irish Sea in support of the European Union Cod Recovery Plan. In this project, gears that are more selective will be developed for the three most relevant fisheries in the North and Irish Seas that take cod with the highest number of discards and total catches (i.e. the otter trawl, the beam trawl, and the Nephrops trawl). It forms a co-operation between fisheries research organisations in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and The United Kingdom (Scotland, England and Northern Ireland).

The European Commission has issued a emergency plan for North Sea cod in 2001 and has developed a rebuilding plan for cod and hake. This project aims at developing novel species-selective gear prototypes for three mixed-species demersal trawl fisheries (i.e. demersal otter, Nephrops, and beam trawling) in the North and Irish Seas.

Progress to Date
A plan was made describing the various gear options to be tested by each participant with opportunities for co-operative work. The first series of trials was carried out on the Dutch RV 'Tridens' in November 2002, followed by similar trials in March 2003. Data is currently being analysed.
Preliminary data has been analysed on the selectivity of tickler chain beam trawls on plaice, sole, dab, whiting and cod with a large meshed upper panel, and an escape window in front of the cod-end.


Scientist responsible for the project

Haringkade 1 Box 68
1970 AB IJmuiden
Netherlands (The) - NL

Phone: +31 2555 64646
Fax: +31 2555 64644


Project ID QLRT-2001-00935
Organisation Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research
Area 5.1.2
Start date 11 January 2002
Duration (months) 38
Total cost 2 806 946 €
Total EC contribution   1 496 090 €
Status Ongoing
Web address of the project

The partners

  • Danish Institute for Fisheries Research, Denmark - DK
  • The Scottish Ministers acting through Fisheries Research Services Marine Laboratory , United Kingdom (The) - GB

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