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Wood for energy - A contribution to the development of sustainable forest management

WOOD-EN-MAN will focus on the sustainable use of wood-based biomass resources for energy aiming at further development of sustainable forest management in Europe, including socio-economic aspects. End user products will be based on integrated ecological, biological and socio-economic research. Operational management guidelines and policy recommendations at national, EU and pan-European levels will be published and disseminated together with other end user products, for example PC-tool, database, website, seminars and workshops.

The objective of WOOD-EN-MAN is to develop operational management guidelines and national as well as regional (EU and Pan-European) policy recommendations for increased sustainable use of wood-based biomass from conventional forests for energy.
The essential specific objectives of this project are to make forest owners and forest managers able to assess:
1) ecosystem nutrient vulnerability
2) environmental effects of wood ash recycling
3) ecotoxic components in wood ash and their release to the soil
4) effects on insect biodiversity and the risk for bark beetle attacks of temporal storing of woody material in the forest
5) socio-economic and economic effects at management and policy levels, including monetary value of identified environmental effects, market and policy failures, competitiveness of wood-based biomass compared to other energy systems, and how to affect competitiveness by public fiscal measures.
The research and accumulated knowledge of WOOD-EN-MAN will be integrated and disseminated to end users.

Progress to Date
: A postponement of the project end date until 31. December 2005 was obtained due to displaced field seasons. A book contract has been signed with Springer, under the title: Sustainable use of forest biomass for energy - a synthesis with focus on the Nordic and Baltic Region. The manuscript should be delivered photo-copy ready by June 2006. Most of the remaining work will be performed before the project end date. Thereafter, the work will be carried out on the basis of other financial sources. The national recommendations will be elaborated and translated from recommendations in the book. They will be ready for internetpublication by mid-January 2006. The first version of the PC-tool decision support tool, EnerTree, comprising both ecological and economical issues, was finalised during autumn 2004. The work with the tool has been continued on the basis of funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers (The EnerTree extesion project), and the next version of the tool, comprising more issues, will be ready by the end of 2006. A database with wood ash chemical contents has been developed ( Not all data have been included, but this will be done during autumn 2005. Some partners have already held different types of end-user meetings. A joint end-user meeting has been arranged as a special WOOD-EN-MAN session in Bioenergy 2005, Nordic Bioenergy Conference, 25-27. October 2005, Trondheim, Norway. The international journal, Biomass and bioenergy, has agreed to publish a selection of papers from this session in a special issue with Anders Lunnan and Nicholas Clarke as guest editors. The special issue is predicted to be published during 2006 or 2007. A large number of papers have already been published or submitted to different international journals, and a special issue of Forestry Studies on the topic "Utilisation of industrial wastes in forestry" was published in 2005 with Malle Mandre as editor. Apart from Bioenergy 2005 in Trondheim, project participants have been participating in various conferences including Bioenergy 2005 in Jyväskylä, Finland, 12-15. September 2005, Focus on Soils, 14-16 September 2005 in Uppsala, Sweden, "Bioenergy as an environmental factor in the Nordic-Baltic-NW Russian region - bottlenecks and solutions for the future", 27 September 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark (work is ongoing to get a joint Nordic ministerial declaration on bioenergy after this meeting). Furthermore, there will be a broad participation and contribution to the RecAsh-international seminar "Recycling of wood ash to prevent Waste Production, 8-10 November in Prague, Czech Republic. Some popular national articles have been published, and more have been planned. Additional end-user meetings are further planned within the EnerTree extension project.


Scientist responsible for the project

Hoersholm Kongevej 11
2970 Hoersholm
Denmark - DK

Phone: +45 45178223
Fax: +45 45763233


Project ID QLRT-2000-00527
Organisation Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute
Area 5.3.1
Start date 01 August 2001
Duration (months) 48
Total cost 2 392 963 €
Total EC contribution   1 547 957 €
Status Ongoing
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