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Enzyme discovery in hybrid aspen for fibre engineering

The purpose of this project is enzyme identification from 8 000 hybrid aspen EST-sequences for their eventual use in fibre engineering.

The objectives of this project are:
1) to identify genes highly expressed during wood formation using the micro-array technology for rnRNA expression profiling
2) to develop novel bioinformatics software for sensitive analysis of distant evolutionary relationships and modular structures of selected enzymes
3) to achieve heterologous expression and enzymatic characterisation of selected enzymes
4) to analyse the fibres of Arabidopsis mutants in orthologous genes by reverse genetics
5) to identify protein expression, localisation and fibre analyses in transgenic aspen with up-/down regulated expression of selected genes
6) to micropulp selected fibre samples to correlate the enzymatic activities with final product properties.

The expected achievements were:
1) Identification of a number of novel genes, coding for the key enzymes involved in the wood fibre formation in hybrid aspen,
2) Improved understanding of the metabolic pathways involved in wood formation through functional analysis of the key enzymes,
3) Poplar trees with altered fibre properties through up/down regulated expression of selected enzymes,
4) Correlation of the engineered fibre properties with specific product characteristics through micropulping experiments with the engineered fibres.
Full results are on the project website.

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Scientist responsible for the project

Teknikringen 50
SE10044 Stockholm
Sweden - SE

Phone: +46 8 790 6103
Fax: +46 8 224 601


Project ID QLRT-2000-00443
Organisation Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Biotechnology
Area 5.3.1
Start date 01 August 2001
Duration (months) 48
Total cost 3 809 265 €
Total EC contribution   2 593 161 €
Status Ongoing
Web address of the project

The partners

  • Institut Quimic de Sarria, Department of Organic Chemistry, Spain - ES

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