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Coordination, harmonisation and standardisation of measurement of bovine and porcine accute phase protein in blood; Reference preparations for animal protein assays

Acute phase proteins are blood proteins whose concentration alters significantly during infectious or inflammatory disease. Measuring the concentration of these proteins in serum or plasma is now recognised as being an important laboratory test in the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of disease in cattle and pigs, and the presence of sub-clinical conditions can be detected with these markers of disease. The general application of assays for these proteins is restricted because there are no accepted reference preparations that can be used by all laboratories to establish harmonised assays. The project will bring together significant European experts in this field to collaborate in the preparation, distribution, calibration and validation of reference preparations for the acute phase proteins for cattle and pigs.


This project has pulled together the main European APP groups, 14 groups from nine countries, to co-operate, coordinate and share expertise and has harmonised the production of APP reference standards. This information has been made available to the wider scientific community by dissemination via the internet. Results of the action have been published in national and international refereed academic journals and presented at relevant national and international meetings, and submitted as articles and reports for publications directed to the producers and consumers of meat products. In addition, a full report of the activities of the Concerted Action has been prepared, and will be published and circulated.
A supply of bovine and porcine reference preparations has been created, available for free distribution to legitimate users in laboratories establishing their own assays for animal acute phase proteins and sufficient will have been produced for the foreseeable future and will be offered to national collections of biological standards as well as being maintained in the selected laboratories of the principal contractors.


Scientist responsible for the project

Bearsden Road
G61 1QH Glasgow
United Kingdom (The) - GB

Phone: +44 1413 305732
Fax: +44 1419 427215


Project ID QLRT-1999-01532
Organisation University of Glasgow
Area 5.1.1
Start date 01 February 2000
Duration (months) 30
Total cost 138 442 €
Total EC contribution   138 442 €
Status Completed
Web address of the project

The partners

  • Department of Veterinary Pathology, Utrecht University, Netherlands (The) - NL
  • Danish Veterinary Laboratory, Denmark - DK

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