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Fibre variability of European spruce and wood assortments for improved TMP production

The purpose of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the European pulp and paper industry (a better and more uniform product quality, more cost-efficient production) through a greater rational utilisation of European forest resources. The production of newsprint and LWC paper from Norway spruce will be focused upon, but the results and methodology may also be transferred to other products and wood species. Wood and fibre properties of Norway spruce will be measured on wood samples from many European regions and models for predicting properties will be developed. Pulp will be produced at laboratory and pilot plant scale to study the potential of wood from different origins as a raw material for different products. New and better industrial wood raw material assortments will be defined and tested through full-scale trials in mills in different regions. A European supplier of process equipment will also apply the results.

The general objective is to improve paper quality and production efficiency through a more selective use of European wood resources, focusing on Norway spruce and virgin pulp fibres for products based on mechanical pulp.
The specific objectives are:
1) to obtain new data on the variability within and between European regions of wood and fibre properties important for pulp and paper production, especially for the production of thermo mechanical pulp (TMP) for newsprint and LWC paper
2) to make new models for the prediction of these properties within and between trees and stands
3) to obtain new knowledge on the production of TMP from different wood raw material resources, based on the refining of wood samples with well-defined properties in the laboratory, pilot plant trials on selected logs and full-scale tests in mills
4) to develop new industrial wood raw material assortments, with increased potential for product quality and uniformity and overall production efficiency, considering fibre properties in trees, processability, availability and costs in different regions of Europe
5) to form a basis for the future development of market-driven allocation of forest resources to the most suitable mill and product, in relation to the benefits and costs.

New knowledge on the variability of wood and fibre properties within and between forest stands and trees in different regions in Europe.
New models for the prediction of these wood and fibre properties in trees and stands, adapted to the growth conditions in different regions in Europe.
New knowledge on the cause and effect relationships between wood and fibre properties and plp properties, developed through laboratory refining of wood samples with well-defined properties.
New industrial assortments of wood raw material, adapted to the production of newsprint in different European regions.
Further development and validation of the selection critiera from pilot trials.
Verification of the applicability of the resultsand benefits through mill trials.
Project workshops and reports for the participating partners.


Scientist responsible for the project

Drottning Kristinas vaeg 61 Box 5604
11486 Stockholm
Sweden - SE

Phone: +46 8 6767151
Fax: +46 8 411 5518


Project ID QLRT-1999-01520
Organisation Stiftelsen STFI Skogindustrins Tekniska Forsknings
Area 5.3.2
Start date 01 February 2000
Duration (months) 36
Total cost 2 298 907 €
Total EC contribution   1 090 510 €
Status Completed

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