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Lists by alphabetic order of keyword:

  • Fluorescent rapid and ultra-sensitive detection test for the tracking of toxic algal species in the marine environment (QLRT-1999-30778)
  • Building new relationships in rural areas under urban pressure (QLRT-2001-01696)
  • Measures for improving quality and shape stability of sawn softwood timber during drying and under service conditions (QLRT-2000-00276)
  • Modelling fishermen's behaviour under new regulatory regimes (QLRT-2000-01535)
  • Photoperiod control of puberty in farmed fish: Development of new techniques and research into underlying physiological mechanisms (QLRT-2001-01801)
  • The application of cDNA microarray technology for unravelling molecular events underlying dormancy and cold hardiness in forest tree seedlings (QLRT-2000-00135)
  • Linking physiology, molecular genetics and genomics in Populus to understand and improve yield and quality for biomass and timber productions across Europe (QLRT-2001-00953)
  • A multidisciplinary approach to the reduction in lameness and improvement in dairy cow welfare in the European Union (QLRT-2001-00969)
  • Agricultural sector in the Member States and European Union: Econometric modelling for projections and analysis of EU policies on agriculture, forestry and the environment (QLRT-2000-00473)
  • Developing cross-compliance in the European Union: Background, lessons and opportunities (QLRT-2001-02640)
  • European extension network for the development of grain legume production in the European Union (QLRT-2001-02418)
  • Feasibility of a European Union plant health directive (77/93/EEC): Diagnostic chip (QLRT-2000-02270)
  • Further development of organic farming policy in Europe, with particular emphasis on European Union enlargerment (QLRT-2001-00917)
  • Improving sustainability of milk production systems in the European Union through increasing reliance on grazed pasture (QLRT-2000-02111)
  • Overcoming barriers to conversion to organic farming in the European Union through markets for conversion products (QLRT-1999-31112)
  • Regional development and cultural landscape change: The example of the Alps - evaluating and adjusting European Union and national policies to manage a balanced change (QLRT-2000-02329)
  • Technical developments and tactical adaptations of important European Union fleets (QLRT-2001-01291)
  • Conservation and restoration of European cork oak woodlands: A unique ecosystem in the balance (QLRT-2001-01594)
  • Demonstration of maternel effects of Atlantic cod: Combining the use of unique mesocosm and novel molecular techniques (QLRT-1999-01617)
  • Monitoring forests at the management unit level for fire prevention and control (QLRT-2000-00784)
  • Rapid antibiotic detection for illegal and unlicensed substances in animal feedstuffs (QLRT-1999-30900)
  • The application of cDNA microarray technology for unravelling molecular events underlying dormancy and cold hardiness in forest tree seedlings (QLRT-2000-00135)
  • Design, development and up-scaling of a sustainable production system for hemp textiles: An integrated quality systems approach (QLRT-2001-01363)
  • Upgrading recycled fibres by appropriate treatments during stock preparation (QLRT-1999-01071)
  • Chicken IMAGE: Improvement of chicken immunity and resistance to disease based upon analysis of gene expression (QLRT-1999-01591)
  • Advancing the quality of life and the environment of European cities through socially-inclusive planning, design and management of urban woodlands (QLRT-2000-00165)
  • Building new relationships in rural areas under urban pressure (QLRT-2001-01696)
  • Urban pressure on rural areas: Mutations and dynamics of periurban rural processes (QLRT-1999-30094)
  • Bio-source-based recyclable poly (ester-co-amide)s and poly (ester-co-urethane)s for industrial foam applications (QLRT-1999-01298)
  • Demonstration of maternel effects of Atlantic cod: Combining the use of unique mesocosm and novel molecular techniques (QLRT-1999-01617)
  • Developing wheat with enhanced nitrogen use efficiency towards a sustainable system of production (QLRT-2000-01461)
  • Development of a model-based decision support system to optimise nitrogen use in horticultural crop rotations across Europe (QLRT-2001-01100)
  • Genetic evaluation of European rose resources for conservation and horticultural use (QLRT-2001-01278)
  • Genetic identification of fish eggs by species-specific DNA markers for use in stock biomass Assessments and Detection of Commerical Fraud (QLRT-1999-01157)
  • Harmonised and standardised procedures for evaluation of plant protection products, fertilisers and soil conditioners for use in organic agriculture (QLRT-2001-02565)
  • Improved organic fertiliser management for high nitrogen and water-use efficiency and reduced pollution in crop systems (QLRT-2001-01799)
  • Improved procedures for flatfish larval rearing through the use of probiotic bacteria (QLRT-1999-31457)
  • Improved use of germplasm collections with the aid of novel methodologies for integration, analysis and presentation of genetic datasets (QLRT-1999-30722)
  • Improvement of wood product properties by increased hydrophobicity obtained by the use of silicon compounds (QLRT-2001-01439)
  • Integrated biological treatment and agricultural re-use of olive mill effluents with the concurrent recovery of energy sources (QLRT-2001-02344)
  • Monitoring the effect of scrapie control policies that use genetics in different countries (QLRT-2000-01733)
  • Perspectives of plant protein use in aquaculture: Biological, environmental and socio-economic consequences (QLRT-1999-30068)
  • Strengthening the multifunctional use of European land: Coping with marginalisation (QLRT-2001-02346)
  • Survival: An assessment of mortality in fish escaping from trawl cod-ends and its use in fisheries management (QLRT-2001-01603)
  • End-user access to European RTD for the forest and wood industries sector (QLRT-2000-00608)
  • A multidisciplinary approach using genetic markers and tags in horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) stock assessment and management (QLRT-1999-01438)
  • Analysis and exploitation of germplasm resources using transposable element molecular markers (QLRT-1999-31502)
  • Development of improved pest risk analysis techniques for quarantine organisms using pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in Portugal as a model (QLRT-2001-00672)
  • Engineering fibre and wood properties in poplar using innovative functional genomic approaches (QLRT-1999-01209)
  • Management of soil health in horticulture using compost (QLRT-2000-01442)
  • Sustainability in the production of pork with improved nutritional and eating quality using strategic feeding in outdoor pig-production (QLRT-1999-30162)
  • Using genetics to improve the quality and safety of sheep products (QLRT-1999-30656)
  • Efficient utilisation of forage maize by dairy cattle: Key plant parameters, genetic determinism, impact on milk production, Animal Behaviour and Environment (QLRT-2000-01262)
  • Quantitative trait loci affecting milk production: Mapping and utilisation for marker assisted selection in dairy and dual purpose cattle (QLRT-2000-02379)

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