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Lists by alphabetic order of keyword:

  • Advancing the quality of life and the environment of European cities through socially-inclusive planning, design and management of urban woodlands (QLRT-2000-00165)
  • Assessment of genetic variation in meat quality and the evaluation of the role of candidate genes in beef characteristics (QLRT-1999-30147)
  • Biological performance testing methodology to evaluate the durability of plywood as a quality indicator for exterior construction purposes (QLRT-2001-01270)
  • Compression wood in conifers - the characterisation of its formation and its relevance to timber quality (QLRT-2000-00177)
  • Design, development and up-scaling of a sustainable production system for hemp textiles: An integrated quality systems approach (QLRT-2001-01363)
  • Developing a physical and functional map of the potato: Creating new sources for molecular markers to breed cultivars with multiple resistances and quality traits (QLRT-2001-01849)
  • Forecasting the dynamic response of timber quality to management and environmental change: An integrated approach (QLRT-2000-00345)
  • High-quality disease-resistant apples for a sustainable agriculture (QLRT-2001-01492)
  • Improvement of dry toner digital print quality for efficient communication (QLRT-1999-00929)
  • Improving quality and safety of hen eggs in new production systems by reinforcing the antimicrobial natural defence and by developing tools for grading eggs (QLRT-2000-01606)
  • Integrated control of polysaccharide and ligninbiosynthesis to improve cellulose content, availability and fibre quality (QLRT-1999-31493)
  • Intercropping of cereals and grain legumes for increased production, weed control, improved product quality and prevention of N-losses in European organic farming systems (QLRT-2001-02352)
  • Linking physiology, molecular genetics and genomics in Populus to understand and improve yield and quality for biomass and timber productions across Europe (QLRT-2001-00953)
  • Measures for improving quality and shape stability of sawn softwood timber during drying and under service conditions (QLRT-2000-00276)
  • Minimising stress-inducing factors on cattle during handling and transport to improve animal welfare and meat quality (QLRT-1999-01507)
  • New gene tools to improve pig welfare and the quality of pork (QLRT-2000-01888)
  • New predictors for pork quality derived from gene expression profiles of skeletal muscle during prenatal development (QLRT-1999-31363)
  • Sustainability in the production of pork with improved nutritional and eating quality using strategic feeding in outdoor pig-production (QLRT-1999-30162)
  • Sustainability, product safety and quality in cereals:Development of novel quantitative models for risk assessment for mycotoxigenic fusarium species (QLRT-1999-31517)
  • Using genetics to improve the quality and safety of sheep products (QLRT-1999-30656)
  • Evaluating current European agri-environment schemes to quantify and improve nature conservation efforts in agricultural landscapes (QLRT-2001-01495)
  • Quantitative trait loci affecting milk production: Mapping and utilisation for marker assisted selection in dairy and dual purpose cattle (QLRT-2000-02379)
  • Sustainability, product safety and quality in cereals:Development of novel quantitative models for risk assessment for mycotoxigenic fusarium species (QLRT-1999-31517)
  • Development of improved pest risk analysis techniques for quarantine organisms using pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, in Portugal as a model (QLRT-2001-00672)
  • Durable resistance management of the soil-borne quarantine nematode pests Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. fallax (QLRT-1999-01462)
  • Risks associated with Tilletia indica, the newly listed EU quarantine pathogen, the cause of Karnaval Bunt of wheat (QLRT-1999-01554)
  • Threat to European maize production by invasive quarantine pest, Western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) (QLRT-1999-01110)

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